Talkspirit use cases
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With numerous functionalities, Talkspirit can meet the needs of different structures.

We distinguish 3 main use cases of Talkspirit:

You can use the platform to collaborate with your teams on projects you have in common

Your platform takes the form of a collaborative platform. Users connect to the tool on a daily basis to centralize their exchanges and documents within the framework of common projects.

The functionalities that are most used by the members of a collaborative platform are the chat, the videoconference, the agenda as well as the drive and posts in groups.

Talkspirit allows you to create collaborative spaces or groups dedicated to the progress of your projects. You'll be able to follow their evolution thanks to a checklist.

You use the platform to communicate internally

Your platform takes the form of a corporate social network. The users of your platform will connect to the tool from time to time to get information and news about your organization.

The features most used by the members of an internal communication platform are the homepage, posts in groups and the chat.

Talkspirit is a lever for communicating news about your organization, such as new services within your company or new coworkers.

The platform takes the form of a corporate social network that allows you to collect the opinions of your coworkers on subjects related to your organization through polls and thus adapt your decision-making.

You use the platform to animate a community of members

Your platform serves the purpose of connecting users from the same organization (in the context of internal community management) or not (in the context of external community management).

Talkspirit allows you to connect the members of your community by creating meetings for exchange and collaboration. You'll be able to share your expertise but also develop your members' commitment through interesting and exclusive content, all in an optimized format!

The features most used by the members of a community animation platform are the user directory and posts in groups and live video.

In the context of a large community of members, it is not uncommon for users not to know who to contact.

Talkspirit's user directory makes it easy to search for platform users using various criteria. The user directory makes it possible to find out the users' areas of expertise and thus ensure that you're talking to someone who can answer your questions.

By definition, a community animation platform must be animated. Thanks to the polls and photo gallery, Talkspirit allows you to get involved, create moments of exchange and thus ensure the social cohesion of your community.

We share with you all our best practices to make your platform the central communication channel of your community.

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