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Publishing, editing or deleting a post
Publishing, editing or deleting a post
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A post is a content which is shared via platform users within a group or to recipients. When a post is addressed to one or more recipients and not a group, this is known as private messages.

Talkspirit offers three types of posts:

  • Simple post,

  • Event,

  • Live video.

A simple post

A simple post is characterized by a title and content which may include or not include attachments.

You can associate a post with:

  • A File from your computer or an external resource,

  • A code snippet,

  • A photo gallery,

An Event

An event is characterized by a title, a content which may or may not include attachments, a beginning date, an end date and a location.

The event, like the simple post, can also be associated with the following features:

Live video

A direct video (live) is characterized by a video feed broadcast in real time in a post, which can be commented by members.

Other elements can enrich publications such as labels.

Who is the article aimed at?

This article is aimed at all the platform users.

How does the feature look in terms of the Essentials, Standard and Premium offer?

It is possible to publish through the essentials, standard and premium offer, in the same way. With the essentials offer, you'll be limited to 30 days of history on the news feed though.

Who can post?

In a group

All platform members have the possibility to post in a group where they belong, if this has been authorized by a group admin.

Share a post with one or more recipient(s)

All platform members can share a private post with one or more recipient(s).

Guest users, whose access to the platform is limited to groups defined by an administrator, can only share a private post with members of the groups to which they belong.

Who can see a post?

The visibility of a post is set by the recipients to whom it is addressed:

  • in a public group: members of your platform can access the post but only group members can post and take part in the discussion,

  • in a private group (visible and secret): only group members can access the post and take part in the discussion,

  • to one or more recipients: only members who are recipients of the post can access and take part in it

How to publish?

To publish your content, click on New post or on one of the icons in the news feed icon bar.

Complete the form with:

  • one or more recipients,

  • a title,

  • a content

  • click on the button Publish.

Note: your content is recorded in real time as you type.

If you don't want to share your post instantly, you have the option to select the Save and Close button.

Until it’s published, you can find these in the Draft icon at the top right of the posting area.

Program a post

You can also schedule a post. To do so, select a programming date and time in the Program tab and click on Program.

Your scheduled posts can be found in the Clock icon at the top right of the post section.

Share a duplicate a post

You have the option to share or republish a group's post and forward it to one or more user(s) or even to a group so that it’s present in another platform area.

To share or duplicate a post, click on the chevron in the upper right corner of the post. You can then:

  • share the post,

  • republish the post,

  • copy the link of the post.

Share the post

Share to share the post with a group or with users. This action is not available on secret private groups. By sharing a post, you don't share any comments related to the latter.

When you share this post, the author of the original post will be visible.

Note: a member has the possibility to share the post of another member of the group.

Re-publish a post

Re-publishing allows you to duplicate the post, to share it with other recipients. A member cannot re-post another group member's post. Though, he has this option for the posts he has himself written .

By re-publishing a post, you don't share any comments related with it.

Copy the post link

You also have the option of copying the link via the post to share it with a user via chat or a private post, or even through a post, to all the group members.

By clicking on this link, the user will be able to access the post but also the comments and reactions related with it and then be able to comment and react. It is important to note that this user will only be able to carry out these actions, if he has access to the group in which the original post has been shared and the group administrators has authorized him to post in the group.

Modify a post

To modify a post, click on the chevron of a contribution then on Edit. Only the author of a contribution can modify it.

Authorize the post’s modification

The post’s author has the option of allowing group members to edit the post. To do so, once on the post page, he must select the Editing options tab and then activate the Allow recipients to edit option.

Make your post visible

To give more visibility to a post that seems important, a group admin can pin it by clicking on the chevron and selecting the Pin option. This contribution will then appear at the top of the group’s news feed, which is concerned.

An administrator can also give visibility to a post by selecting the Set as important option. This contribution will then appear at the top of the group member's news feed, until they have seen it.

Delete a post

To delete a contribution, click on the chevron then on Delete. Only the author of the contribution and the administrators (if they have access to it) can delete a contribution.

Good to know

  • A post can be used for various reasons and can be related with various features to do so (poll, checklist, photo gallery).

  • When a group member comments on an old post, it goes up within the news feed and is displayed among the new posts, in order to favor the visibility of the discussions of the members of the post in question.

  • It is possible to mark a post as favorites in order to find it in the my favorite publications tab of the news feed.

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Post, open group, private group, poll, checklist, live video, events.

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