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This is a shared storage space that allows you to organise and access all the files (images, sounds, videos, documents, etc.) stored on the Talkspirit platform according to their membership of a group.

Each group has such a space called Group Drive.

How to get there?

From the left bar of the platform, Drive button or from the top of the news feed, Drive button.

Who can administer the Drive?

Each group manager can manage the permissions of the Drive associated with their group.

How is the Drive organized?

The drive displays 5 distinct tabs:

  • a personal drive My drive,

  • a Recent view gathering all the last modified documents from the most recently edited to the oldest

  • the Trash,

  • a Shared with me view, gathering the documents stored in the personal drives of users shared with me,

  • Groups drives.

1.My drive

The My Drive view allows you to create text, spreadsheet and presentation documents if this option has been enabled by an administrator of the platform.

You can also upload existing documents. The files stored in your personal drive are accessible only to you.

You can however choose to share them with other users of the platform. A document from your personal drive shared with another user will show a small icon with the mention Shared with followed by the name of the users you shared the file with.

A document from your drive, shared with another user will appear in the Shared with me section for the user in question.

2. The Recents view

The Recents view gathers :

  • documents stored in the drives of groups you are a member of,

  • documents from your personal drive,

  • documents from other users' personal drives, shared with you.

By default, these documents are displayed from the most recently modified document to the oldest document. However, it is possible to display the least recently modified documents in priority by activating the chevron associated with the mention Last modified.

3. The Trash view

The Trash view allows you to store deleted files for 30 days, after which they will be permanently deleted. This avoids accidental deletions.

4. Shared with me view

The Shared with me view allows you to find all the documents stored in the personal drives of other users that have been shared with me.

It is possible to edit and delete the document but also to communicate it to other users and to modify the list of recipients.

Only the owner of the document can be deleted from this list of users.

5. Groups drives

Talkspirit Drive gives you access to all the shared Drives associated with the groups in which you are a member.

If you click on one of your groups, you will be presented with the directories and associated orphaned files (without directories). If the view is empty, it is because there are no files in your groups.

A directory can have several subgroups, just double-click on the directory name to access them.

The name displayed next to each file is the name of the user who created the document.

What options are available to me?

Users can drag and drop a file to a directory of the same group. When a document is clicked once, a view with options is offered :

  • Open the file,

  • Information on the document,

  • Possibility to copy the direct link of the document (to be shared in a chat message for example),

  • Bookmarking the file to find it more easily,

  • Move file

  • Possibility to rename the file

  • Create a copy of the file

  • Or attach your file as an attachment to a new publication

In personal drives only:

In addition to these options, you can share the document with a new user using the Share option.

A group manager can disable the creation, modification, deletion and movement of files within a drive.

NB: a deleted file is then moved to the drive's trash and is kept there for 30 days. After this period, the document will be permanently deleted.

Good to know:

  1. It is necessary to be a member of a group for it to be displayed in the Drive view.

  2. An attachment from a News Feed publication will not be on the Drive automatically.

  3. The chat is completely dissociated from the Drive view.

  4. The maximum size of a file to upload to the drive is 500 MB with a Standard plan and 1GB with a Premium one.


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