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Gather your personal files now from a dedicated My Drive view, independent from the group drives.

From this view, you'll be able to create new documents, accessible to you only!

Create a new document in your personal drive My Drive

To create a new document in your personal drive, go to the Drives tab of the platform and select My Drive.

You can then, just like in a group drive, import documents from your computer or an external service (drive, box...) and create a new document:

  • text,

  • presentation,

  • spreadsheet.

You can also organize your documents by creating folders and storing your documents in them. You can share your personal documents, stored in your personal drive, with other users.

Share a document from My Drive

You want a user of the platform to access one of your personal files? It's possible. To do so, just select the document and then choose the option Share.

The list of users of the platform is displayed. Select the user and save the changes you've made.

The document you've shared will then appear in a Shared with me tab.

A shared document is associated with a logo visible from the document. You can display the users with whom you've shared the document by placing the mouse on this logo.

By sharing a document from your personal drive to another user, you grant him/her the rights to modify your document.

Each user will be able to find all the documents from his personal drives, shared with him from this view.

NB: a guest user can only share documents from his personal drive to members of the same groups as him. This user won't have access to the list of all the users of the platform.

Please note that it isn't possible to share a document from a group drive to a user who's not a member of that group. Only documents stored in your personal drive can be shared with users who do not have access to this drive.

Delete a document from My Drive

It is possible to delete a document stored in your personal drive. You just have to select the document and then choose the option Delete.

The document is then stored in the trash. It is possible, within 30 days, to:

  • permanently delete the document,

  • or to restore it.

After 30 days, the document will be automatically deleted. All users who have access to this document will be able to delete it and move it to the trash.

A document stored in your personal drive and then deleted:

  • will be accessible in the trash for all users to whom you shared the document,

  • will no longer be available from the Shared with me view for the users you shared the document with.

A document stored in your personal drive and then deleted and restored will automatically reappear in your personal drive.

It will automatically reappear in the Shared with Me view for the users you shared the document with.

Who can access a personal My Drive?

All users of the platform have a personal drive My Drive. However, it is necessary that an administrator of the platform has activated OfficeNow suite from the Administration so that the user can create new text documents, presentations, spreadsheets.

Is My Drive available on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

My Drive is available on all three plans.

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