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Each group has a storage space for its files and documents which is accessible thanks to the Drive.

The users rights on the drive of a group are similar to their rights on the group and set up by the group administrator.

To set this permission:

  • click on Settings in the group,

  • select Manage permissions.

The group administrator can choose to authorize the members of the group to create, modify, delete and move a file or a folder in the Drive or to limit these rights to group administrators.

If the directories and files management in a group are restricted to group administrators, the members can still access the Drive with reading rights.

You’ll find in the table below the different permissions of group administrators on directories and files in the case where those permissions are restricted to these group administrators only.

Good to know:

When a file’s been created in the Drive or when it’s been published in it, its property is transferred to the Drive.

When a group administrator chooses to modify the permissions and limit them to group administrators only, members who’ve previously published a file in the Drive can’t edit them.

For organizations which has been created before the 20th october 2020

Before october 2020, when we defined the publication rights of the members of a group (Define who can publish), the rights linked to the publication of files were also defined. A specific permission for the directories also existed (Define who can manage the directories).

We have now grouped together all the permissions linked to the different actions made in the Drive in one permission: Define who can manage documents and files in the Drive.

More information on these changes in the table below:

You’ll find here the presentation of the Drive.

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