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Move and share a document from the drive
Move and share a document from the drive

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The Drive section allows you to create, edit and share documents.

You can store your documents in:

  • a personal drive My Drive,

  • a group drive.

The personal drive My Drive

You can create and import your documents on My Drive: these files will only be accessible by you.

However, you can:

  • Share a document from the My Drive section with other users of the platform,

  • Move the file to a group drive.

Share a file with other users

You can share files from your personal drive My Drive with other users of your choice thanks to the Share option.

To share a document from your personal drive with one of your coworkers, simply select the desired file and then choose the Share option.

A list of users appears. Simply select the user with whom you want to share the document then validate this action by selecting Share.

NB: guests on the platform will only find members of their groups in the list.

Once shared, the file is associated with a small icon. You can display the list of all users you shared the document with by hovering over this icon with your mouse.

For the user you shared the document with, the file will appear in the Shared with me section.

The user will be able to:

  • access the content of the document,

  • edit the document,

  • delete it,

  • share the document with new users,

  • remove access to the document from users (only the owner of the document can't be removed from the list and thus be denied access to the file).

To remove a user from the list, simply select the Share option and then select the cross next to the user.

You can then validate the changes.

Move a file to a group drive

You can also choose to transfer a file from your personal drive to a group drive.

To move a document from your personal drive My Drive to another drive, simply select the document and then choose the option Move to.

You can then select the group drive in which you want to move the document.

To validate the new location, select Move in.

Only the owner can move a file from My Drive to a group drive. The Move to option is thus unavailable for files stored in the Shared with Me section.

Once shared in the group drive, the file will be accessible to all group members according to the preferences set in the group.

It is not possible for the owner of a document to share the file in a group B where editing and deleting documents would be restricted to group administrators if he isn't group administrator of group B himself.

In this case, group B drive appears grayed out. When the mouse is hovered over this drive, the mention restricted to group administrators appears.

Group drives

When you are a member of a group, you can access the Drive section of the group.

In a group drive, all members of the group can read documents. However, it is the group administrators who choose whether to allow all members to create, edit and delete documents or to limit these permissions to administrators only.

If you have editing permissions, you can move a document to:

  • another group drive,

  • your personal drive.

NB: the Share option doesn't exist in group drives because permissions are set at group level. All group members will have access to the files stored in the group drive. It is not possible to share the document with a user who's not a member of the group beforehand.

Moving a file located in a group drive to another group drive

If you move a file located in a drive of group A to a drive of group B, then the file will no longer be accessible to members of group A. It will then become accessible to members of group B and will be submitted to the permissions set in the group: the file can therefore be edited according to the permissions defined in group B.

Moving a file located in a group drive to your personal drive

If you move a file located in a group drive to your personal drive My Drive, then the file will no longer be accessible to members of group A. It will become accessible to you and you only.

You will then become the owner of the document and will be able to choose to keep it in this section or share it with new users.

Who can share and move a document?

All users can share a file from their personal drive My drive. All users of the platform can move a document if they have permissions.

Can I share and move a document on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to share and move drive documents on all three plans.

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