Talkspirit allows you to discuss with multiple participants thanks to a videoconferencing system.

This system allows you to exchange with members of the platform but also with external users (partners, customers, ...).

There are two videoconferencing services. It is possible to choose the videoconferencing service you wish to set up.

To be available, the videoconference must have been activated by an administrator from the Administration.

Activating the videoconferencing service with members of the platform

Activating it from a chat room

You can activate the videoconference from the Chat tab by selecting the camera button.

An automatic message (Join me in a video conference) will appear in the chat thread, along with a Join button, available for each member of the chat room.

Thanks to this button, you'll be able to access the videoconference.

The videoconference takes place in a new window and allows members to hold a virtual meeting with or without video and audio enabled.

Screen sharing is possible by clicking on the corresponding button.

NB: Talkspirit users with a link to a videoconference can access it, even if they're not participant of the chatroom where the videoconference was initiated.

Activating the videoconference from an event

You can also generate a videoconference link when creating an event.

To do so, simply select the button Generate a videoconference link.

NB: you can customize this link as you wish.

The members of the group in which the event has been published will be able to click on the link associated with the post to open the videoconference.

Activating the videoconference from a public videoconference link

Each user owns a public videoconference link. It is possible to copy this link in order to communicate it to the participants of the videoconference.

This link allows you to exchange with members of the platform or external providers/customers.

To access this link, go to the User Profile and Preferences menu, Public videoconference link section.

You can join the videoconference by clicking on Start videoconference or by copying and pasting the link into a new tab.

Each new user joining the room will need to be authorized to join the videoconference by one of the participants already connected.

Who can organize a videoconference?

All users of the platform can organize a videoconference if it's been authorised by an administrator in the Administration.

Can we organize a videoconference on the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

It's possible to organize videoconferences on all offers. There are some limitations though. More information on those limitations according to the different offers here.

Questions on the videoconference?

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