The Homepage is similar to an intranet portal. It highlights information and events in a modern and more editorial way. Each content of the Homepage can link to internal or external contents of the platform.

The homepage can be set as landing page when logging on the platform.

The homepage is managed by managers who are themselves defined by an administrator.

Once published by its managers, the homepage can be accessed by all users of the platform from an icon in the left side menu bar.

The homepage and its content

To be accessible to the platform users, the homepage must have been activated by an administrator and its managers must have made it visible.

Once activated for all users, simply select the Home tab to access it.

NB: if this has been set up by an administrator, the homepage can also be the first page to which users will be redirected once logged on the platform.

If a member or guest doesn't have access to any content, but the homepage is published, then only the Referents section will be displayed.

Structure of the homepage

The homepage consists of several modules:

  • an About us module that allows you to publish a presentation of your organisation or project,

  • a Referents module to highlight contact points,

  • A Featured information module to publish information,

  • A Next Events module to highlight important events. The Events section of the homepage is not linked to the platform's events.

  • A Highlighted publications module to highlight group posts defined as important by group administrators. This section only appears if a manager of the homepage has activated it. Only the manager will be able to activate this option which will allow the users of the platform to quickly access the posts concerned.

    NB: the user will only be able to access the posts marked as important in public groups or those of private and secret groups to which he/she belongs. Guests will only have access to the posts of groups they belong to.

    Each section, except for the Highlighted publications section, can be illustrated with visuals.

Who can access the homepage?

All users of the platform can access the homepage according to the settings chosen by its managers.

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