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The Homepage is an Intranet portal. It allows you to share general information and events in a modern and more editorial format. Each content can be associated with an internal or external link to the platform.

The Homepage can be set up as a default portal to the platform from the Administration.

The homepage is managed by managers who are themselves designated as such by an administrator.

Once published by its managers, the homepage can be accessed by all users of the platform from an icon on the left side menu bar.

Accessing the Homepage and its contents

To be accessible to the platform users, the Homepage must have been activated from the Administration by an administrator and its managers must have made it visible.

Once the module is published, a new Home tab will appear on the left to the targeted users. Simply select it to access it.

NB: if it has been set up by an administrator, the Homepage can also be the first page to which users will be redirected once they log in to the platform.

If a member or guest does not have access to any content, but the Homepage is published, only the Referents section will be displayed.

Homepages’ Structure

The structure of the homepage can vary depending on the layout chosen by the module manager(s) (link to Manage and publish the home module).

The homepage managers can create different homepages according to specific audiences. The goal is to deliver the right information to the right people.

NB: You may not have the same homepage as your coworkers.

The contents can be displayed according to different formats:

a Carousel module that allows you to condense different information in one section. ℹ️ Limit of one carousel per page,

  • a Referents module to highlight contact points,

  • an Article module to publish information,

  • an Events module to highlight important events. ℹ️The Events section of the homepage is not linked to the platform's events.

Each module can be illustrated by an image or an imported video or a link from a Youtube© video.

Who can access the homepage?

All users of the platform can access the homepage according to the settings chosen by its managers.

Is it possible to access the homepage on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to access the homepage on both plans.

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