The Homepage is similar to an intranet portal and is composed of 3 sections, providing information on the organization, its contacts and the following events that aren’t linked to the news feed or to the groups.

How to activate the Homepage and choose the Homepage manager(s)?

Only administrators can activate the Homepage. It can be activated from the Administration, Homepage section.

The administrator will have to turn on the Disabled button to activate the Homepage. Then, he’ll be able to choose Homepage managers who can be guests, members or administrators.

The Homepage managers will be able to create and modify the information and events that appear on the page. They will decide when the posts are ready to be shared and when to make the Homepage visible (and reachable).

To select managers:

  • choose members or administrators,

  • then select Save managers.

You’ve activated the Homepage and selected its managers.

Now, only its managers can access the Homepage so a new Home icon appears on their platform.

After creating posts and events, the managers will be able to share them by activating the Homepage to all users.

Important: activating doesn’t mean publishing. The administrator can activate the Homepage to make it available for modifications.

To set the Homepage as landing page

You can set the Homepage as landing page in the Administration, Homepage section.

To do so, select Enable in the Define as landing page section.

If the button is turned off, after logging in the platform, the users will land on the News feed instead of the Homepage.

Deactivating the Homepage

An administrator can deactivate the Homepage from the Administration.

NB: by deactivating the Homepage, you’ll lose the selected managers but all other information will be kept and still be available when the Homepage will be reactivated.

Who can activate the Homepage?

All administrators can activate the Homepage.

Who should read this article?

This article is for all administrators of the platform.

Is it possible to activate the Homepage on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

The Homepage is available on both the Standard and Premium plans but isn’t available on the Essentials plan.

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