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The Homepage is similar to an Intranet portal type entry page. It allows you to display news about your structure in a personalized way. This module consists of one portal or more : each portal can address a different audience.

It is necessary that administrators activate the module from the administration to make the module accessible. Once activated, the module is managed by managers (KB), designated by the administrators from this same view.

The homepage needs to be activated from the administration to be displayed to users. To manage the homepage, an administrator must designate himself as such from the administration. He can also designate homepage managers among the list of members on the platform.

Activating the Homepage

The Module can only be activated by an administrator of the platform from the Home section of the Administration.

Simply select the Activate button to activate your Homepage. You can then select managers for this page who can be guests, members or administrators of your platform.

Defining your managers

Choose the manager(s) who will be able to edit the content of this homepage and make it visible to users when the content is ready to be published.

To choose the managers of the Homepage :

  • select the manager(s) from the drop-down list,

  • then click on Save managers.

Once the homepage is activated, only managers can see it. A new Home icon will appear at the top of their platform navigation bar, as well as in their administration section. Homepage managers need to publish the page to display the contents to the users of the platform.

The managers will be in charge of writing and organizing the content of the page, which they will be able to make visible to all users whenever they want.

Important: activating is not publishing, the administrator can activate the homepage so that it is available for modification. Only Managers of the homepage can Publish a page.

NB: An administrator is not a manager of the welcome module by default. If he/she wants to manage the module, he/she must also designate him/herself as amanager.

Defining the Homepage as the default page

Once the Welcome Module is activated, you can activate it as a landing page. The users will access it directly after logging in

To do so, you need to enable the dedicated option.

NB: if this setting is not activated, the default landing page will be the newsfeed

Disabling the Homepage

As with the activation of the module, only the platform administrator can desactivate the module.

You can deactivate the Homepage from the Home section of the Administration.

NB: by deactivating the Homepage, you will lose the list of managers. However, all posts and drafts will be saved.

Good to know

The Homepage allows you to distribute cold and less operational information, intended to remain displayed longer than a post in a group. Like a company news, an upcoming event or a flashback on a past event. It can also be used as an internal bulletin board.

Who can activate the Homepage?

All platform administrators can activate the Homepage.

Is it possible to activate the Homepage on the Standard and Premium plans?

The Home module is available on both Standard and Premium plans.

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