Live videos are videos shared in real-time in the news feed.

To be used, the Live Video must have been activated by an administrator.

The webinar can be viewed:

  • instantly with the live video,

  • in replay once the live is over.

Starting a Live Video

To share a live video, select Start a live video from the news feed.

A new window opens with the camera activated.

To start your live video, it is essential to enter a title and a recipient. You can also add a description for more information on the topic(s) discussed during this video conference.

Then, select Go live to begin the webinar.

Once the live is launched, you can see the duration of your live video and how many users are watching the video.

The live videos can be viewed by up to 500 users simultaneously. If you'd like to organize a webinar with a larger audience, please contact us.

Group members can post comments on the thread and you can reply to them via the comment area on the right side of the live window.

To end the webinar, click on the button at the bottom of the page below the video.

Who can share a live video?

All users of the platform can share a live video if it has been activated from the Administration by an administrator and if they've been authorised to publish by a group administrator.

The replay

Once the live is over, a replay is automatically generated to allow users to be aware of the information delivered.

This replay of the live video appears in the news feed of the group in which it was published.

A publication is different from a live video: on live videos a camera icon is associated to the posts shared.

Options related to the replay

To watch your replay, you can:

  • activate or deactivate the sound of the webinar,

  • enlarge the image to go full screen,

  • download the webinar on your computer,

  • follow the webinar while browsing other pages (Picture in Picture option).

The Picture in Picture

You can follow the webinar while browsing on your computer. By selecting the Picture in Picture option, the webinar will appear as a thumbnail available from any page on your computer.

From this thumbnail, you'll be able to pause the webinar. You'll also be able to close the window or go back to the News Feed video by clicking on the Enlarge option.

Technical information

The live videos has the same technical specifications as the videoconference. It is possible that firewalls may block streams without any specific configuration.

Can we share a live video on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans ?

It's not possible to share a live video on the Essentials offer but both Standard and Premium plans offer this possibility.

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