The chat allows you to communicate instantly with one or more users.

What is chatting?

The chat allows a real-time exchange with one or more participants. A chat discussion is intended to be used punctually and does not fulfill the same role as the news feed.

You can create different chat rooms:

  • a chat room with a participant,

  • a chat room with several participants,

  • a chat room linked to a group.

The chat room

You can exchange with a user of the platform via the chat. You can share messages, media (documents, photos, ...), reply to his messages and react to his answers.

NB: guest users can only start a chat discussion with users who are members of the same groups as them.

Start a chat discussion

The New button allows you to select one or more recipients from a drop-down list. If your platform has several users, do not hesitate to type the first letters of your contact's name to find him/her. Enter your message to start the conversation.

The chat room with multiple recipients

You can add recipients to an existing chat room. Select Users and then Add a participant.

You can add as many participants as you want.

You can only add participants to an existing discussion if it already has 3 or more participants.

All participants will have the possibility to invite new participants to join the chat room.

NB: guest users, if they're invited to join a chat discussion whose participants are not members of the same groups as them, will still be able to exchange with them on the chat and access their profile through it.

Searching in the chat

From a chat room, you can access a search bar.

From here, you can search for a keyword of the current chat room but also:

  • of all your chat conversations,

  • of all files shared on this room.

Search in all conversations

You can find a keyword that is present in all of your chat conversations by typing that word in the chat search bar and then selecting the Search all conversations option.

You'll then find all chats containing the keyword you've entered and will be able to access an overview of these chats by selecting the option See the context.

Searching in all files of the room

You can also find all the documents of a discussion containing a keyword by selecting the Search files only option.

You'll be able to find the conversation displayed in preview by selecting See the context.

Chat settings

Edit the name and picture of a room

You can organize your chat discussions by renaming them and assigning them a cover picture.

To do so, select the Settings cogwheel. Then click on Edit name & picture. You can then assign a name and a picture to the chat: they'll be visible by all participants.

All participants can rename a room and associate a picture to it.

NB: only discussions with more than 2 participants can be renamed.

Media shared in a chat room

You can access all the media that has been shared in the chat by selecting the Files icon on the chat icon bar.

Chat options

Reply to a chat message

To reply to a particular saying in your conversation, you can reply to a message by selecting the arrow icon.

Then simply type your message and send it.

React to a chat message

You can react to a chat message by clicking on the smiley icon to the right of the message. You will then be able to associate several reactions to this message

In a discussion with several participants, it is possible to see which member has reacted to the message by placing the mouse cursor on the emoji associated with the chat message.

Favorite chat messages

You can add a chat to your favorite discussions by clicking on the star icon at the top of the page. Then this chat will appear at the very top of the chat list, in the Favorites section.

Good to know

  • You can go to the line in a chat by simultaneously selecting Shift + Enter on Mac and Ctrl + Enter on PC.

  • You can change the content of a chat message you have sent by double clicking on it.

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