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What's the news feed?

The news feed is talkspirit’s main page. It gathers the posts:

  • of groups you’re a member of,

  • of private messages you sent or received.

When you join talkspirit, only the posts of groups you joined by default are on the news feed (those groups are defined by an administrator).

How does the news feed work?

The news feed is the default page of all users. It gathers all the posts and events ranked from the most recent to the oldest.

All users can access the news feed which is built on the posts shared on their groups, on the integrations and private messages they send and receive.

You can filter the news feed view and display:

  • all posts you’ve been assigned on,

  • your private posts,

  • your favorite posts.

NB: those filters can be combined.

To publish on the news feed

Once on the news feed, you can share posts.

Talkspirit suggests different types of posts:

  • A simple post which can be associated with a photo gallery, a poll, a checklist, an attachment,

  • An event which can be associated with the same options,

  • An online video.

To set up the news feed

To filter read/unread publications

This option must be activated in the User’s profile and preferences tab, General section.

You can filter the news feed view and only display the unread posts by clicking on Unread on the top left of your page. You can display all your posts by clicking on All posts.

By default, on your news feed, new posts will be associated with the mention New. A new post triggers a small colored patch linked to the group concerned.

To make those alerts disappear, select Mark all as read.

You can also choose to have a card view of all your posts or a list view.

Organize your own news feed

You can add or remove content on the news feed:

  • by joining news groups,

  • by hiding the content of a group.

To hide the content of a group in the news feed

You have two ways of doing this:

Go in the group concerned and turn off the Followed option.

Or, from the news feed, click on the group and select the Unfollow option. Its content won’t appear on your news feed anymore. You won’t receive the navigator, email and push notifications either.

Warning: a setup allows the administrators to deactivate these options.

Good to know

  • an administrator can set a post as important to display it in priority in the news feed until the user reads it.

  • you can display your posts in list for a quicker view of your content in the news feed.

  • you can start a chat or send a private message to a user from the news feed by clicking on his profile.

  • when you don’t have time to read a post or want to react later, mark it as your favorite to find it easier.


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