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Welcome on talkspirit’s help center 😊📚✨. You’ll find here all the information you need to understand the different features.

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With this article, check out the different roles a user can have.

👨‍💻 Overview

Discover the different sections of talkspirit’s platform.

Work together with your coworkers thanks to our main features:

  • Find static information shared by your organization with The Homepage.

  • Find all the information you need in your daily missions thanks to the news feed.

  • Become part of a group and share the information of your choice on a specific topic with your coworkers or invite guest users (customers, partners...).

  • Find more information about the guest role in this article.

  • Set up meetings and webinars, find important dates, or view your colleagues' calendars with The Event

  • Create, modify and share files from the drive.

  • Work together in a collaborative, productive and organized way thanks to the projects app.

Those features are essential when in remote:

  • participate in videoconferences,

  • work together on files with your coworkers thanks to the OfficeNow suite,

  • stay in touch with your coworkers by downloading our apps!

To make sure the platform perfectly fits your expectations, set up your notifications:

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