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How to start on Talkspirit for users
How to start on Talkspirit for users
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New on Talkspirit? You’re welcome!

We’ve grouped together in this article some tips and links to help you start on the platform. This article evolves with your feedback, please do not hesitate to submit your questions and ideas.

Discover the platform

Sign in

To sign in, please fill in your login and password at :

Your exchanges are secured. Only members and guests can access the platform.

There are different sections:

  • You can share information through posts in groups or through private posts to one user or more.

  • The news feed gathers all the posts of groups you’re a member of and private posts.

  • The chat helps you communicate with one or more users instantly.

  • The drive gathers all the files that have been created and saved on the platform according to their belonging to a group.

Complete your profile information

User profile

To edit your profile information, go to the User profile and preferences tab in the left-side menu bar of the platform.

Select Information to complete your contact details and other information which will be useful to your coworkers.

You also be able to:

  • edit your login information in Login,

  • add a profile picture in Profile,

  • complete information as the hierarchy of your position to help build the Orgchart.

Tips: a completed profile will help you better communicate with your colleagues as it will be easier to identify you and find you on the platform. Thus, a completed profile will allow you to better use Talkspirit.

Some information are also very important to features. For example, the creation of a people set relies on these information to automatically add new members in a group.


In the preference section you’ll be able to edit information as:

  • the language,

  • the platform colors (if authorized by an administrator),

  • features and notifications.

Choose your notifications

There are many types of notifications according to your status : if you’re online or offline.

You can activate, set up and deactivate some of those notifications by going to the Notifications section in the User profile and preferences tab.

You’ll find:

  • the browser notifications,

  • the mobile notifications,

  • the email notifications.

Group notifications can also be turned off.

You have two ways of doing it:

  • in the news feed, activate the Unfollow option linked to the group,

  • in a chat room, mute the notifications in the settings.

You’ll be able to mute your notifications for a set period.

Tips: to set up your notifications is very important. By deactivating the notifications which are useless, you’ll make the other ones more visible.

Discover the users via the Directory

You can access a user profile in the news feed, in the chat, and in the user directory.

To go to this directory, select Users in the left-side menu bar of the platform.

This directory gathers all the users registered on the platform and allows you to see their profile and the organization’s orgchart.

It is also possible to search for a particular user thanks to a characteristic (position, localisation, group, …). To do so, search in the search bar.

Tips: you can add up many characteristics. You’ll be able to find the developers from Paris even when many teams are on the platform.

Once the user you looked for is found, you can instantly send him a chat message or a private message via the Directory.

The group

A group is a shared storage space which allows collaboration on a specific theme.

The group has members and can also punctually welcome guests.

A group is built on a content, a title, a description and an access level. It can be administered by one group administrator or more.

Tips: you can follow group activities and not be notified. To do so, activate the Unfollow option. You won’t receive any notifications linked to this group but you’ll be able to access its content when you’ll want it.

The group directory

To have an overview of all the groups of the platform, simply go to the group directory.

NB: secret private groups you’re not a member of can’t be seen here.

You can filter this overview and display your groups, the groups you manage, the groups you follow on the news feed or your favorite groups.

Join a group

In the group directory, you can join a group (according to its confidentiality level):

  • For a public group, you’ll have to click on Join.

  • For a private group, you’ll have to ask for access.

NB: you can only join a secret private group when you’ve been invited to.

Create a group

You can create a group via the group directory (if an administrator has authorized it).

You’ll have to click on Create a group and fill in the following information:

  • its title and description,

  • its level of confidentiality.

Create a post

In a group

Once in a group, you can publish a post. To do so, go to the news feed icon bar.

Talkspirit offers different types of posts:

  • A simple post which can be associated with a photo gallery, a poll, a checklist, an attachment,

  • An event which can be associated with the same options

  • An online video.

Once your post has been published, all group members would be able to see it, to react and comment on it.

Tips: you can mention your coworkers in a post in order to generate notifications which will make this post more visible to them.

You can also assign them a post when you’re waiting for them to do an action.

To one user or more

You can share a post to one recipient or more: group members won’t see it. These are the private posts.

The chat

If you want to discuss with a coworker and not have to publish a post to do so, you can create a chat room.

Join a chat room

When a group is created, the group administrator can open a chat room. If you’re a member of the group, you’ll be automatically invited to join the chat. More information here.

Create a chat room

Go to the Chat tab in the left-side menu bar then select New. Select the chosen recipient to start a discussion.

NB: it is possible to add recipients to an existing chat room.

Tips: click twice to edit a chat message.

Create a document

In the drive

You can create a document in the Drive.

You have two possibilities to access this section:

  • top right of the news feed page,

  • in the left-side menu bar of the platform, Drive tab.

In the drive, you can create 3 types of documents:

  • the text document,

  • the spreadsheet,

  • the presentation.

More information on these documents here.

Tips: do not hesitate to invite one of your coworkers to join a group linked to the Drive document you’re working on, to work together.

Share a document in a post

You can share a document in a post but it won’t be possible for group members to modify it. This document won’t be automatically integrated into the Drive.

Download desktop and mobile apps

To download the desktop and mobile apps, go to the Help & More tab in the left-side menu bar of the platform.

You’ll be able to choose which application you want to download (IOS, Android) or Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux).

NB: you can download the app thanks to a QRCode.

Tips: with the app, you can work even when you’re on the go.

You can stop these push notifications during a predefined time slot. This can be set up in the Use profile and preferences tab, in the Notifications section.

Need help?

If you have problems, you have many options.

Help center

You can access this help center if you:

  • select Help & More in the left-side menu bar of the platform.

  • select Help center.

Live chat help

You can’t find the answer to your question and wish to discuss with us?

  • select Help & More in the left-side menu bar of the platform.

  • select Live chat help.


You can contact us by email: [email protected]

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