Talkspirit Glossary
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You’ll find below a definition of the main terms used on the platform.


An administrator is a user who has rights related to the functionalities of the platform in general.


Talkspirit allows you to connect to more than 1,000 web services.

Each service automatically notifies the members of a group of a particular activity on that service.


This is a feature linked to a publication or checklist actions. It indicates a user that an action is expected from him.

Chatbot Assistant

The Chatbot Assistant is a bot that gives automated answers to frequently asked questions from users.


The checklist is an option that is added to a publication. It allows a user to present a list of actions or steps.


This is a shared storage space for files saved on the talkspirit platform according to their belonging to a group (images, sounds, videos, documents...).

People sets

A feature that allows an administrator to automate group access.

The administrator can create a set of people who have at least one characteristic in common such as position or location, and associate them to groups (ex: developers located in Montpellier).

All the members with this characteristic will then be automatically added to this group.


Keywords shaped as a colored pad. They're used to give a particular meaning to publications (a step, a status for example).

News feed

A flow of publications from the groups joined by a user. The user chooses to have these publications on his home page. The news feed can be displayed in list or map mode.

Photo gallery

An option linked to a publication that allows you to present images to the members of a group.

Group administrator

Members allowed to manage group settings (edit information, manage permissions, labels, ...). By default, the user who creates the group becomes its administrator.


Space for sharing information, conversation and collaboration. A group can be open, visible private or secret. Users joining a group are called "Group Members”.

Dynamic group

Group to which users with common characteristics are automatically added (e.g. developers located in Montpellier). To create a dynamic group, a people set must first be created.


User with limited access to groups.

Live video

A live video service visible to group members in the news feed.


User with full access to the platform. A member can access open groups, private groups (by request or invitation), secret groups (by invitation only).


Mention one or more users in a conversation using the "@". A bell notification will be sent to the mentioned user(s).

Private Messages

A publication sent to one or more users. You can find sent and received private messages in the news feed.


An alert to inform a user of new activities. The nature of the alert is different depending on whether the user is online or offline.


OfficeNow is talkspirit's collaborative office suite, it allows you to work on 3 types of documents: text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Content shared by a member within a group or automatically thanks to an integration of a service connected to the platform.


The user who creates the platform becomes the default owner.


An option that allows to measure the opinion of the members of a group on a chosen theme.


Instant messaging with one or more users.

Url talkspirit

Also called domain. This is the address that allows you to connect to the platform. The Url always ends with "”.


A person with access (login, password) to the platform. The user can be a member or a guest.

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