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Definition of roles

It is possible to join the platform under two different statuses:

  • The guest status, which allows the user to restrict his navigation on the platform by limiting him to defined groups.

  • The member status, which allows free navigation on the platform.

When a member joins the platform, he can remain a member or also be given additional rights. He can take on the role of :

⚠️: it is important to distinguish role and status. A user can have the status of member or guest.

A guest is a user who’s been invited to join the platform with limited access. He only sees the groups he’s been integrated into and can only publish content in these groups.

What is a member?

A member is a user who by default does not have administrative or management rights on the platform.

An administrator can, if he wishes, assign additional rights to his members.

The roles available to members

Administrators roles

  1. Platform Administrators

An administrator member has rights related to the functionalities of the platform as a whole.

He can thus :

He can also define :

NB: There is no limit to the number of administrators on a platform.

2. Group Administrator

Group administrators are members of the platform who have the same group management permissions as an administrator at the administration level.

3. User Set Administrator

User set administrators are members of the platform who have the same set management permissions as an administrator at the administration level.

4. Owner

The user who creates the platform becomes the default owner. He can however transfer his rights. Warning: there can only be one owner of the platform.

The owner has all the rights of an administrator and the possibility to delete the platform.

Manager roles

1.Group Manager

The Group Manager has additional rights to the group(s) for which he/she is appointed as Manager.

2. Home Page Manager

Home Page Managers are members of the platform who have specific rights to create and manage home pages.

To summarize

User rights on the general parameters are organized as follows:

User rights on group settings are organized as follows:

Good to know or tips :

For a good management of the platform, all the administrators must agree on the rules of use of the platform, as well as on the distribution of the roles assigned to the members.

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