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Definition of roles

When a user integrates the talkspirit platform, he becomes a member (except for guests).

Depending on the rights he has on the platform, a member can be :

  • Member

  • Owner

  • Administrator

  • Group administrator

NB: it is important to distinguish role and status. A user can have the status of member or guest.

Definition of the owner and administrators' roles


An administrator has rights related to the functionalities of the platform. He can:

  • Set up the general functionalities of the platform,

  • Set up permissions related to users or groups,

  • Set up permissions for existing or third-party applications.

There’s no limit to the number of administrators on a platform.


The user who creates the platform becomes the default owner. He can however transfer his rights.

Warning: there can only be one owner of the platform.

The owner has all the rights of an administrator and the possibility to delete the platform.

Definition of the group administrator's role

A group manager is a member who has rights to set up a group. Among them:

  • the management of its members (invitations, deletions, group administrators),

  • management of publication permissions,

  • integration management,

  • group information and privacy management (if the administrator has enabled this option),

  • the creation of a chat room linked to the group,

  • deletion and archiving of the group

  • Drive rights management

  • Managing the rights of a publication.


User rights on the general settings are organized as follows:

User rights on group settings are organized as follows:

**A user becomes group administrator only once this group has been created.

A member can create a group (and become its default administrator) as long as an administrator has enabled this option in the platform settings.

There is no limit to the number of managers in a group. The group manager has the option of granting the rights to another group member.

Even the owner and administrators do not have access to the content of private and secret groups.


  • An administrator can at any time become administrator of a group if he’s part of it.

  • It is also essential that all administrators agree on the rules of the platform in order to present a harmonized discourse.

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