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Dynamic groups and people sets
Dynamic groups and people sets
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With dynamic groups, you can automatically invite members to groups depending on their profiles.

For instance, you can easily invite members matching a location, or members with a specific skill.

For that, you can search for members using the search engine and then save your search with a title : this saved search is called a "people set".

Once a people set is created, you can link it with one or more groups.

And then, each user of the people set will be automatically added to the linked groups (thus, a member changing his profile so that it matches the search of a people set, will be added to the group automatically).

However, each member who will leave the people set won't leave the group automatically.

And members automatically added to a group by a people set are free to leave the group when they want.

People sets

With people sets, you can automatically add members in groups depending on their profiles (skills, localisation, position…).

A people set is a saved users search with a title.

Only the administrators can manage (add, delete, modify) people sets.

These actions can be done from the dashboard, "Manage people sets" section.

When clicking on "New people set", a popup will be opened to define a users search and a title. Only members (not guests) cant be searched for a people set.

Once a people set is created, it will appear in the list and the admin will be able to rename, modify, delere it from the action menu.

Nb : once a people set is linked with one or more groups, it cannot be modified anymore.

Create a dynamic group

When creating a group, if people sets exist, the user will be able to link the group with one of the existing people sets.

If the group is linked with a people set, all the users of the people set will become members of the group automatically.

Nb: a group can be linked with one people set only

The group administrator can also add manually users who do not belong to the people set.

Nb : users added automatically to a group can still leave the group if they want to. The link people set <-> group is just a way to facilitate invitations.

Manage the link between a people set and a group

From the users panel of a group, the group administrator can manage the link (delete, modify).

A button in the search bar allow to filter users so that you can see only members coming from the people set.

Platform administrators can also manage the links from the "Manage groups" dashboard.

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