Manage all the groups
Updated over a week ago

Only platform administrators can see all the groups (whatever their privacy is) from the groups admin page which can be found from the admin menu > "Manage groups".

From this list, all the groups are displayed (except deleted groups).

2 warnings can be shown:

  • when a group has no administrator, a blue warning shows that a new admin has to be selected

  • when a group hasn't got any new activity since 6 months, a red warning is displayed

From this list, an administrator can:

  • change the privacy, title, description of a group

  • manage members of the group (make them group administrators or kick them)

  • add users: from this action, the administrator can look for users (find all the members of another groups or all the members with a specific skill...), select all the found users and add them to the groups

  • make himself group administrator

  • archive groups

  • delete groups

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