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Talkspirit's administration
Talkspirit's administration
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The administration is organized in different sections to allow you a better understanding and apprehension of the different administration features available.

You will have:

  • a Dashboard section,

  • a Platform section dedicated to the global settings of the platform,

  • a Users section dedicated to the management of invitations and user information,

  • a Groups section dedicated to the management of groups created on the platform,

  • an Apps section gathering all the Talkspirit applications available on the platform,

  • a Tools section organizing the different tools you can activate,

  • an Account section dedicated to the management of your subscription.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard view offers you a shortcut to the main administration functions.

You can therefore quickly access:

  • the management of the platform's users,

  • the management of the platform's groups,

  • security and authentication settings,

  • your subscription and related licenses.

From the dashboard, you will have a global view of your platform statistics.

You will also be able to quickly access the articles of our online academy corresponding to your use of the platform.

The Platform section

This section gathers all the general administration functions of the platform:

  • choose the name, logo and theme of your platform from the Settings tab,

  • customize the welcome of new users from the Onboarding tab,

  • manage authentication information and channels from the Security tab,

  • display platform usage statistics from the Statistics tab.

The Users section

As an administrator, you can invite new users to join your platform:

  • send platform invitations and manage user profile information from the Manage Users tab,

  • follow up on the sent invitations from the Sent Invitations tab,

  • customize the different fields displayed on the user profile sheets from the Manage user profile tab.

The Groups section

As an administrator, you can create new groups on the platform:

  • find the list of all the groups created on the platform and set their parameters from the Manage groups tab,

  • define which user profiles can create groups and add users to groups from the Groups settings tab.

The Apps section

Access the different applications of the platform and enable or disable:

  • options related to the home page, choose the home page managers from the Home Page tab,

  • the options related to the news feed from the News Feed tab,

  • the chat options from the Chat tab,

  • the drive options from the Drive tab,

  • the Events application from the Events tab,

  • the options related to the application directory from the Apps directory tab.

The Tools section

As an administrator, you can integrate working tools that you will make available to the users of the platform:

  • enable or disable the use of video conferencing from the Video Conferencing tab,

  • activate or deactivate the use of live video from the Live Video tab,

  • activate and set up an FAQ bot from the Bot Assistant tab,

  • add new integrations of your choice in the groups from the Integrations tab.

The Account section

From this section, Subscription and billing section, modify your subscription, manage your licenses, set up payment methods and access your billing history.

You will be able to access all legal information such as the general terms of use or other legal information from the General terms of use tab.

Is it possible to navigate on the administration in the same way with the Standard and Premium offers?

The navigation on the administration is the same on the two plans.

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