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Our tips for getting started on Talkspirit
Our tips for getting started on Talkspirit

This article is for all users of the platform

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New on the platform? Want to find out how to save time when using Talkspirit? This article is for you! 🤩

Discover our tips to quickly master Talkspirit.

Learn how to better manage your notifications and quickly find the information of your interest!

Did you know that you can only display your missed messages with the read/unread mode?

Quickly find the content shared in your groups with the Desktop app!

Did you know that you can use Talkspirit directly on your computer?

Don't waste any more time systematically filling in your login details and access your platform's news in one click.

Avoid typos and errors with chat editing

A typo? No biggie: if you double-click on the message you sent, you can modify it 🤫

Easily edit your posts and format them after sending

If you want to format your message, it's possible: a double-click will allow you to do so! 👨‍🎨 Let your creativity speak and insert an emoji for example.

Share your personal videoconference link to exchange with different interlocutors

Did you know that each user of the platform has a unique public videoconference link? Find it from the Profile and Preferences menu > Public videoconference link.

No need to be bilingual to communicate internationally

You have foreign coworkers? An option allows you to translate all messages into the language of your interlocutors ✈️ 🌍

Available or not? Share the info with you coworkers

In a meeting? Or just not there? You can add a status to your profile and mute your notifications 🔇 🧘‍♀️

Save your teams time by providing automated answers to frequently asked questions

Did you know that you can automate your FAQ on Talkspirit? 🤖 #premiumfunctionality

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