The FAQ assistant is a bot which can answer frequently asked questions of users automatically.

Thus, the Support teams (HR, IT...) will have no longer to worry about questions which can be answered from a knowledge base.


A specific subscription is necessary to enable the FAQ assistant.

However, it can be tested during a 15 days trial. This trial period starts whenever an admin goes to the configuration page of the bot.

During this trial period, the bot is fully functional.

Once the trial is over, the bot remains enabled but administrators cannot manage the knowledge base anymore. They can also disable the assistant/

You must contact the support for the subscription.


Only an administrator can enable the assistant from the Apps > Bots page.

Before activation, the admin has to:

  • give it a name
  • define the FAQ knowledge base
  • define who will administrate the knowledge base
  • define who will see the bot : he can start by "administrators only" for instance to test then changing the scope to "All users"
  • define if the bot is promoted or bot. If it's promoted, the bot will introduce itself to all the users. Otherwise, users will have to go to the available bots list and choose to speak with the assistant.

How it works for users ?

Once enabled, the bot will appear in the bots list in the chat.

It will introduce itself by showing what kind of questions he can answer (questions featured by the admins).

The user can then ask questions and the bot will answer by proposing the questions of the knowledge base which match the question of the user.

The user can then click a question to get the answer.

The user can also:

  • suggest a question which was not found by the bot. Admins will be notified and be able to make the knowledge base evolve.
  • say if he is satisfied by the answer


On the admin side, stats give a view of how often the bot is used and also if the knowledge base is satisfying the users.

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