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Activate the FAQ Assistant (Bot)
Activate the FAQ Assistant (Bot)

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The FAQ Assistant is a bot that provides automated answers to frequent questions from users of your platform.

It help relieve support teams (especially HR, Finance and IT) of simple interactions that can be answered from a knowledge base.

Customizable and dedicated, the bot can instantly provide your coworkers with resources and content dispatched to multiple locations in your organization (intranet, business applications, etc.).

Activate the FAQ Assistant

Only an administrator of the platform can activate the FAQ bot from the Administration, Bots assistants section.

Before activating the bot, it is necessary to:

  • name it,

  • define a list of questions and answers to be used as a basis for its answers,

  • select question managers,

  • define who will see the bot: it is possible to start with the administrators only in order to test it, then to widen the scope.

  1. Name the bot

    The platform administrator can choose to name the bot. To do so, he will have to fill in the name of the bot in the associated field. By default, the bot name is Answer bot. If the administrator of the bot does not fill in this field, the bot will be named as such.

    NB: don't forget to click on Update to save your changes.

  2. Define a list of questions/answers

    The bot manager has the possibility to set the questions/answers he wants to see pre-recorded.

    If the role of the bot managers is to follow the relevance of the answers given to the users thanks to the statistics, the administrator also has the possibility to do this follow-up.

    He can thus record the questions that seem relevant to him.

    He can download a question/answer template by selecting the dedicated option, or import an Excel file that he will have previously filled in so that the questions/answers in the spreadsheet file are automatically integrated into the bot.

    Warning: importing this file will modify the questions/answers that already exist on the platform.

    It is otherwise possible to export the questions/answers set up on the bot to make a modification from the excel file and to import the modified file. This will allow the administrator to obtain a global view of the questions/answers recorded.

    To add a question/answer only, prefer the New question option.

  3. Define a list of bot managers

    It is essential to define bot managers who will receive suggestions from users using the bot. They will then be able to track the statistics related to these questions and determine which questions are useful and relevant to the users and which are not. If necessary, the managers will be able to modify these questions/answers.

    Bot managers are not necessarily administrators. They can also be members or guests on the platform.

    The bot manager, if he is a member or a guest, will only have access to the settings of the questions and answers of the bot. He will not be able to:

    • choose the users to whom it is addressed,

    • deactivate the bot,

    • choose other managers.

    An administrator of the platform, even if he is not the bot manager, will still have access to all these views. However, he will not be notified of the suggestions of the bot's users.

Define who will see the bot

The administrator has the option to allow access to the bot:

  • to the platform administrators only,

  • to members and administrators,

  • to guests and administrators,

  • to all users.

NB: The bot manager, if he is not an administrator, does not have the possibility to set this field.

Who can activate the bot?

Only the platform administrators can activate the bot.

Can the bot be activated on the Standard, Premium and Business packages?

The bot is only available with the Businses plan. It is therefore not available on the Standard and Premium package after the 15-day test period.

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