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Manage the FAQ Assistant (Bot)
Manage the FAQ Assistant (Bot)

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The FAQ Assistant is a bot that provides automated answers to frequent questions from users of your platform.

It aims to relieve the support teams (especially HR, Finance and IT) of simple interactions that can be answered from a knowledge base.

Fully customizable and dedicated, the bot can instantly provide your employees with resources and content dispatched to multiple locations in your organization (intranet, business applications, etc.).

What is the role of a question manager or FAQ bot manager?

The question manager is responsible for managing the bot. He is appointed by an administrator of the platform but does not have to be an administrator to become a bot manager.

The FAQ bot manager is responsible for:

  • defining a list of questions/answers,

  • taking note of and answering the suggestions of the users of the platform,

  • following the user satisfaction statistics.

The FAQ bot manager has the possibility to follow the satisfaction of the users regarding the different questions set up. They also receive suggestions from these users when a question is missing.

What can the manager set?

The bot manager, if he is a member or a guest on the platform, does not have the same possibilities of settings as an administrator.

While an administrator can choose the name of the bot and the audience to which it is addressed, the bot manager only has the right to set the parameters of the questions and answers recorded on the bot.

The manager is thus in charge of defining the list of questions/answers recorded by the bot.

To do this, he must go to the Administration, Bot Assistant FAQ section and select the View / Modify button.

If the user on the platform is neither an administrator on the platform, nor the bot manager, then he cannot access the settings of these questions/answers.

Define a list of questions and answer

The bot manager's role is to monitor the relevance of the answers given to users. They can record the questions that seem relevant, as well as their answers. It is also possible to modify existing answers.

Only the bot managers, defined by an administrator from the Bot Assistant FAQ tab in the Administration, can set up the questions/answers of the bot and access the associated statistics.

Filter existing questions and answers

Bot managers can filter the view of the set up questions by:

  • hiding the number of views for each set question,

  • displaying favorite questions only,

  • displaying questions according to the score they have been assigned.

NB: each user has the possibility to fill in a note: if the answer given by the bot to his question was useful, the user selects the corresponding emoji.

This then allows the questions to be categorized as follows:

  • satisfied,

  • partially satisfied,

  • not satisfied,

  • no vote.

The "All" option allows you to display all the questions/answers regardless of their rating.

Attention: only the questions that have been filled in are subject to scoring. If the user asks a question that has not been set up on the bot, the answer given by the bot will not be subject to scoring.

Create new questions/answer

By selecting the View/Modify button in the Bot assistant FAQ section of the Administration, these managers have access to all the questions and answers set up on the platform.

They then have the possibility to:

download a question/answer template to be set up by selecting Template,

import a spreadsheet document listing all the questions/answers they wish to integrate into the bot by selecting Import Excel,

download the questions/answers set up on the bot in the form of a spreadsheet document by selecting Export Excel.

To create a question and its answer individually, they can simply click on New question.

Editing questions/answers

The bot manager has the possibility to modify existing questions/answers. To do so, he just has to select the question he wants to modify.

A new view appears, displaying:

  • a Question field,

  • an Answer field,

  • a Keyword field.

The bot manager can then proceed to modify the question and/or the answer from the dedicated fields. He also has the possibility to deactivate the question if he finds that it is not useful or on the contrary to activate a question that was not useful.

Highlighting a question

If necessary, the bot manager can choose to put the question forward by selecting the box associated with the Put forward option.

The question will then appear in the list of suggestions that the bot will scroll down when it is first presented.

Access the satisfaction statistics of an answer to a question

Statistics allow you to see what the bot's audience is and if the questions/answers bring satisfaction to the users.

To see if this question was useful to the users of your platform, you can access a view listing all the notes submitted by the users of the platform.

You can reset the statistics at any time, for example after a question has been answered with precision. This will allow you to better measure the impact of this information following its modification.

Fill in the keywords related to a question

Don't hesitate to fill in keywords that will allow the bot to make the link between the question asked by the user and the one you have set up.

If there is no keyword, it is possible that the user will not find the answer he is looking for even though you have entered it correctly.

Receive suggestions from users

The user has found the answer to his question and has noted the answer given

In this case, the manager does not receive any notification.

However, he can find the number of votes for each of the 3 following categories, from the question parameters:

  • (The answer given) helped,

  • (The answer given) is incomplete or unclear,

  • (The answer given) did not help.

Each of these three categories is associated with a smiley face and allows bot managers to target questions that need to be reviewed.

The user has not found the answer to his question because it has not been set up

In this case, the user has the possibility to suggest a new question to the group manager who will receive a notification from the bot in the chat with the virtual assistant.

The bot manager can then:

  • Process the question,

  • Answer directly,

  • End the chat.

  1. Edit Question

    By selecting the Edit question option, the bot manager automatically opens a new question/answer creation page. The question is already automatically filled in.

    The bot manager can then modify it, fill in an answer and select the associated options if necessary (keyword, highlight) before adding it to the answers recorded by the bot.

  2. Answer directly

    The bot manager can also choose not to include this question in the list of questions recorded by the bot and thus answer the user directly.

    Thus, by selecting Answer directly, the bot manager is automatically redirected into a chat room with the user concerned.

  3. Finish

    By selecting Finish, the bot manager chooses not to modify anything. It does not record any new question and does not answer the user. The bot then considers the request to be processed.

    The user didn't find the answer to his question because he thought the answer was not relevant and gave you a bad score.

In this case, the bot manager receives a notification informing him/her of the poor rating and suggests improving the answer.

The manager can then select Improve answer to be redirected to the question settings and make changes.

However, he can also choose to Reply directly to the user: a chat with the user concerned will then open automatically.

By selecting Finish, the item is considered to be processed by the bot.

Who can manage the bot?

Only the boot managers, defined by the platform administrators, can manage the bot.

Can I activate the bot on the Standard, Premium and Business packages?

The bot is only available with the Business package. It is therefore not accessible on the Standard and Premium packages after the 15-day test period.

Good to know

If a user has become a bot manager during the course of the project, he will not have access to the history of user suggestions. He will only have access to suggestions and improvements shared since he became a bot manager.

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