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The unread mode gives you a dedicated view of the News Feed. It is organized in two tabs :

  • All posts,

  • Unread.

The Unread tab contains all the information you've missed since you last logged in.

With this mode, the user can choose to view all of the posts of the news feed by selecting the All posts or to view unread posts only by selecting the Unread tab.

Activate the unread mode

All users of the platform can activate the unread mode. To do so, go to the User Profile and Preferences menu, General section and click on Enable Read / Unread mode.

The option is now activated.

Mark posts as read

From the news feed, by selecting the Unread tab, you can access all unread posts.

The unread posts are organized by groups. A number is associated with the name of the group to indicate the number of unread posts in the group.

To mark all the posts of the group as read, you can then select the mention Mark as read.

NB: it is currently not possible to dissociate the group's posts. You cannot therefore choose to mark one of the group's posts as read and the others as unread.

Once the mention Mark as read is checked, the group posts disappear from the Unread tab.

Who can use the unread mode?

All users of the platform can use the unread mode.

Is it possible to use the unread mode on the Essentials, Standard ans Premium offers?

The unread mode is available on all offers.

Good to know

We recommend that you activate the unread mode for a better management of your notifications.

This will allow you to get visibility on new posts without being spammed via a notification.

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