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Working with Drive Labels
Working with Drive Labels
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Tags are keywords formatted using a color chip. They are used to organize the files and directories of the drive and can take on a particular meaning.

There are 2 types of labels:

  • the labels of a group drive: created by the group managers only and/or the members of the group, it is possible to associate them with the files and directories of this drive alone.

  • the organization labels, created by an administrator, can be associated with all the files and directories of the group drives present on the platform.

Label management is accessible to all members or group managers depending on the rights defined by the administrator or by group managers.

Who can create drive labels?

As seen previously, there are 2 types of labels:

  • organization labels can only be created by platform administrators

  • group drive labels can, pby default, be created by all members of the platform, unless this permission is modified by an administrator or by a group manager (see our article on the tag management).

Are drive tags available with my plan?

Drive labels are available on all plans. Find more information in This article.

Good to know or tips

You can use labels to display the processing status of a file (processing, processing completed).

You can also use tags to quickly find the files you want. For example Payroll Management or Bonuses in a Human Resources Drive.

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