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How to Interact and Send Feedback on Video Conferencing
How to Interact and Send Feedback on Video Conferencing

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Talkspirit allows you to activate a video conferencing service to organize interactive meetings with several participants. Different functionalities are available to interact with the participants.

Find out in this article how to:

Raise/lower your hand

You can raise your hand to emphasize the need to speak. This allows the interlocutor to finish presenting their point before taking questions.

Once your hand is raised, a yellow box will appear on your video to indicate that you wish to speak.

Sharing a reaction thanks to emoticons

No need to share a chat message to share your enthusiasm for a point raised by your interlocutor. Do it with emoticons or GIFs.

To do this, simply activate the chevron linked to the Raise hand option and then select the emoticon of your choice. This then appears between the different windows of your contacts in videoconferencing and is displayed for all participants in the exchanges.

Find in this article how to send GIFs during a videoconference.

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