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Chat and share a poll from the videoconference chat channel
Chat and share a poll from the videoconference chat channel

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Talkspirit allows you to activate a video conferencing service to organize interactive meetings with several participants. Different functionalities are available to interact with the participants.

Discover in this article how, via the dedicated chat channel:

Send a chat message

The chat channel can be used to share links, or notes in the meeting, without having to intervene orally.

To open the chat and polls window, click on the open chat icon and then select the Chat tab. You can enter the message of your choice.

NB: the messages are sent to all participants in the videoconference.

Sharing a poll in the chat

You can create a poll in the videoconference chat.

To do this, simply go to the Chat menu and then choose the Polls tab. You then have the option of creating a poll with different response options.

Once the survey has been created, all participants in the exchanges will be able to respond to it and will have access to the responses of other participants.

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