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Talkspirit allows you to activate a video conferencing service to organize interactive meetings with several participants. Different features are available to collaborate and animate your videoconferences.

Discover in this article how :

Creating, Managing and Closing a Side Room

Only participants with a talkspirit account can create and manage a Side Room, external guests cannot.

To create an annex room, click on the Participant button

A window on the right of the videoconference will open with the list of participants and the annex rooms. Click on Add side room

  1. Sending a participant to an annex room

To move a participant to an annex room, click on the three dots next to the participant's name, then in the Send Attendee to: section click on the annex room of your choice.

2. Closing a Side Room

To close a side room, click on the three dots at the level of the side room to be closed and click on Close.

NB: Closing an annex room automatically redirects the members present in that room to the main room.

Joining or Leaving a Side Room

1. Joining an annex room

To join an annex room, click on the Participant button

Click on the Join button of the Annex room of your choice to join.

You will only be able to chat with people in the same room as you.

2. Leaving an annex room

In order to return to the main room and leave the annex room, click on the button Leave the annex room.

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