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It is possible to create a photo gallery to display visuals related to a post.

It is possible to create a photo gallery:

  • through a dedicated icon on the news feed,

  • through a post,

  • through an event.

Create a gallery through the news feed photo gallery icon

To create a photo gallery through the news feed, select the Create a new photo gallery icon.

A post which is already associated with this feature will open.

Just like a simple post, certain fields must be filled in for the photo gallery to be published. It is key to fill in:

  • The recipient of the post,

  • The title of the post,

You can also enter a description in the body of the post, but it is not compulsory. The same applies to name the created photo gallery but this is optional.

Now you need to add the visuals you wish to share. You can drag and drop them in a dedicated section or select the Add an image button to access the documents, through your computer.

Note: it is possible to drag and drop several images at the same time. If you have chosen the Add Image option, you can press the Ctrl button and select the various visuals to upload and add them in bulk.

There is no limit in terms of the number of visuals which can be uploaded, the weight of each visual however is limited to 500 MB.

Create a photo gallery through a simple post or an event

If you have begun creating a simple post or an event, you can select the Image gallery option to associate visuals with it.

If you did not select the Image Gallery option while creating your post or event but uploaded visuals, a pop-up window will open suggesting to create a gallery.

You can then choose to create a photo gallery or display the visuals as attachments of the contribution.

Move and delete downloaded visuals

It is possible to move the order on how the visuals should appear, while creating your photo gallery. To do so, you need to select the concerned image through a click and without releasing your mouse, and then drag the image to the desired spot.

If you want to delete a downloaded visual, just select the red cross icon.

Otherwise, you can delete the entire gallery by selecting the trash icon: Delete this gallery.

Add captions

When an image has been uploaded to the gallery, the Add captions option appears. This option is optional and will simply provide an additional indication on the visuals that need to be shared.

Once the option has been selected, every visual which needs to be completed, appears.

You can return to the previous view by selecting Return to Grid View.

All you have to do is enter the caption of each visual.

Note: the caption of the photo will not be visible as an attachment of the post. You will have to display the visual of the photo through a click to display the caption as well.

Download the visuals shared in a post

All group members can download the visuals shared in a post, whether or not they have post permissions in the group, by selecting the Download button.

The visuals are then downloaded to the user's computer in the form of a zip folder.

Edit the photo gallery after publication

The post author has the option to edit the photo gallery after posting. All he has to do is select the Edit option, related to the post and then make the changes.

The gallery can:

  • Be reorganized: the visuals can be classified in a different order,

  • Be modified: visuals can be deleted using the cross icon or added using the Add an image button,

  • Be deleted using the trash can icon, the entire gallery will then disappear from the post.

Select Edit to save the changes made to the photo gallery.

You can also enable co-authoring to allow all group members to edit the image gallery by selecting Enable co-authoring.

All group members will then be able to select the Edit button that appears related to the post. They can then delete, add visuals or delete the entire photo gallery.

Who can create a photo gallery?

Only users with permission to post in the group will be able to create and post a photo gallery.

Can we create a photo gallery on the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

It is possible to create a photo gallery on three levels.

Good to know

Only the first 4 visuals attached to a post are displayed. It will be necessary to select the mention + X to access the additional visuals.

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