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You can activate a videoconferencing service on Talkspirit. This service can be joined on the computer but also thanks to your mobile.

What are the possibilities with the videoconferencing service?

Preview of a Talkspirit’s videoconference meeting

Set up your entry to the videoconference before joining the meeting.

You can set your preferences before joining the meeting:

  • setting your Microphone preferences,

  • setting your Camera preferences

  • selecting a background

1. Setting your microphone preferences

You can join the videoconference exchanges with the microphone muted.

To do so, click on the Micro icon to turn it off.

You can then reactivate the microphone from the meeting by clicking on the microphone icon.

2. Setting your camera preferences

You can join the videoconference with the camera turned off.

To do so, click on the Camera icon to turn it off.

You can then reactivate the camera from the meeting by clicking on the Camera icon

3. Selecting a background

You can join the videoconference with a customized background.

To do so, click on the Select a background icon.

You can choose between:

  • Predefined backgrounds,

  • The background of your choice.

You can change your background from the meeting by clicking on the 3 dots icon and then Select a background.

4. Set up your Devices, your Profile and the advanced settings

Via the settings button, you can:

  • choose your output devices (Microphone, Camera and audio output)

  • go into the advanced settings with the More tab

NB: it is not possible to customize the entry on the mobile videoconference.

When joining the videoconference, you will enter directly into the meeting.

Choosing a background

To select a default background, select the 3 dots then the option Select background.

You can then choose:

  • a background among those that are already available,

  • a share of your screen,

  • or a photo of your choice.

Chatting through the videoconference chat channel

The chat channel can be used to share links, or notes in the meeting, without having to intervene orally.

Sharing a poll in the videoconference chat

You can start a poll in the videoconference chat. All users, whether they're members or guests, whether they have an account on Talkspirit or not, can create a poll in the chat.

To do so, you just have to go to the chat menu and choose the Polls tab. You can then create a poll.

You must then fill in your question and the different options you want to submit.

Sharing one’s screen

You can present a document or other key elements to properly understand the meeting, through the Share screen function.

Choosing the quality of your screen sharing

You can choose the quality of your screen sharing. You can display the screen sharing at:

  • 5 frames/second (lowest quality),

  • 15 frames/second (medium quality),

  • 30 frames/second (high quality).

Depending on the actions you want to share, you can choose how fast you want your screen sharing to run. By default, the screen sharing is done at 5 frames per second.

Raising/lowering your hand

You can raise your hand to highlight a need to speak. This allows the interlocutor to complete the presentation before taking on questions.

Sharing your reactions with emoticons

No need to share a chat message to share your enthusiasm. Do it with emoticons!

To do so, simply click on the chevron linked to the Raise your hand option and select the emoticon of your choice. This emoticon will then appear between the different windows and will be displayed for all participants in the exchanges.

NB: the action of sharing an emoticon will generate a message in the videoconference chat.

Muting the microphone of all participants

To avoid background noise during a presentation, you can mute all guest microphones and speak again at the end of the presentation.

Displaying statistics

You can access the speaking times of each interlocutor during the videoconference.

Adding a password.

To limit the videoconference room to guests only, you can protect it by adding a password.

To do so, simply click on the information icon and then select Add a password to protect access to the videoconference room. Once in place, the participants need to enter this password to join the call.

Creating, Managing and Closing a Side Room

Only participants with a talkspirit account can create and manage a Side Room, external guests cannot.

To create an annex room, click on the Participant button

A window on the right of the videoconference will open with the list of participants and the annex rooms. Click on Add side room

Sending a participant to an annex room

To move a participant to an annex room, click on the three dots next to the participant's name, then in the Send Attendee to: section click on the annex room of your choice.

Closing a Side Room

To close a side room, click on the three dots at the level of the side room to be closed and click on Close.

NB: Closing an annex room automatically redirects the members present in that room to the main room.

Joining or Leaving a Side Room

1. Joining an annex room

To join an annex room, click on the Participant button

Click on the Join button of the Annex room of your choice to join.

You will only be able to chat with people in the same room as you.

2. Leaving an annex room

In order to return to the main room and leave the annex room, click on the button Leave the annex room.

Joining a video conference on your mobile

You can start and join your video conferences from your mobile devices.

With the mobile video conferencing service :

  • record your video conferences,

  • share polls,

  • share emojis in reaction to what your interlocutors say!

Find out in this article how to start and join a video conference on mobile.

Can we use video conferencing on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to use video conferencing on both levels.

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