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You can now launch and join your videoconferences from your mobile devices.

With the videoconference on mobile:

  • record your videoconferences,

  • share polls,

  • share emojis!

Launch a videoconference on mobile

To launch a videoconference on your mobile, go to the Chat tab of your mobile application. Select the chat in which you want to launch the videoconference.

All you have to do is choose the + icon located to the left.

Choose Start a videoconference to start a video conference. A message is then automatically shared in the chat room with a Join button. All the participants will only have to select Join to enter the videoconference room.

Join a videoconference on mobile

To join a videoconference launched in a chat room, simply select the Join button.

Record videoconferences on mobile

You can record the exchanges that take place in a videoconference. To do so, select the 3 dots icon.

Then select Start recording. To end the recording, select the 3-dot icon and then Stop recording.

Share a survey in the videoconference

To share a poll in the videoconference, select the chat icon. You can then start a chat conversation or access a poll tab.

From this survey tab, you can create new surveys and answer surveys shared from this tab.

Create a survey

To create a survey you simply need to fill in a question and possible answers. You can add new suggestions by selecting Add Option.

To publish the survey, select Submit.

Take a survey

To take a poll, simply activate the button linked to the proposal of your choice and then choose Submit to vote.

Share emoji reaction

To react to what your interlocutors say, you can share emojis in the lounge. To do so, select the 3 dots icon:

You can then choose the emojis you want to share.

Who can launch and join videoconferences on mobile?

All users who have an account on Talkspirit can join and launch a videoconference on mobile if an administrator of the platform enabled the videoconference service.

Can I join a videoconference on mobile on Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to join the videoconference on mobile with both plans.

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