On Talkspirit you can use two videoconferencing services: Talkspirit Blue and Talkspirit Red.

Find new collaboration features on Talkspirit Red and:

  • choose the background displayed during the videoconference,

  • start polls in the videoconference chat,

  • share your reactions with emoticons,

  • choose the display speed of the screen sharing.

Choose the background displayed

To choose the background displayed on your videoconference, choose the 3 dots then Select a background.

You then have the possibility to choose:

  • a background among those that are already available,

  • a share of your screen,

  • or a photo of your choice.

  1. Choose a default background

To select a default background, select the option Select a background.

You can then choose:

  • Nothing - to display no background,

  • Slight Blur - to display your background slightly blurred,

  • Blurred - to show your background blurred,

  • Desktop Share - to display a page from your browser in the background.

You can also select one of the background available by default on Talkspirit Red.

2. Choose a custom background

To select a custom background, select the Select Background option. You must then choose the Add a background option.

You must then choose among documents and images on your computer. All you have to do is choose the corresponding image. Once the image is imported, it will appear as the default background for your next videoconferences.

Share a poll in the videoconference chat

You can start a poll in the videoconference chat. All users, whether they're members or guests, whether they have an account on Talkspirit or not, can create a poll in the chat.

To do so, you just have to go to the chat menu and choose the Polls tab. You can then create a poll.

You must then fill in your question and the different options you want to submit.

There is no limit to the number of those options.

You need to select Send to share the survey. All participants in the discussion will then be able to vote for the option of their choice.

The participant will then be able to choose multiple options. To vote, he user will need to select the chosen option and then select Submit. The user can choose to Skip to instantly access the results.

Once the survey is completed or skipped, you can access the results.

All participants in the videoconference, whether they have an account on the platform or not, can access the results.

To see which user chose which option, select Show Details. You can also change your vote by selecting the Change Vote option.

Share your reactions with emoticons

No need to share a chat message to share your enthusiasm. Do it with emoticons.

To do so, simply click on the chevron linked to the Raise your hand option and select the emoticon of your choice. This emoticon will then appear between the different windows and will be displayed for all participants in the exchanges.

NB: the action of sharing an emoticon will generate a message in the videoconference chat.

Choose the quality of your screen sharing

You can choose the quality of your screen sharing. You can display the screen sharing at:

  • 5 frames/second (lowest quality),

  • 15 frames/second (medium quality),

  • 30 frames/second (high quality).

Depending on the actions you want to share, you can choose how fast you want your screen sharing to run. By default, the screen sharing is done at 5 frames per second.

The settings are made from one videoconference to the next. It will be necessary to set this option for each new videoconference.

Can I use these options on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

These options are available on all three plans.

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