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The General group
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The General group is a group of information or announcements automatically created with your platform.

We recommend that you keep this group as the default group that every new member of the platform will join instantly after signing up.

Use this group for any announcements of general interest to all members of your platform, such as announcements from the project sponsor, the launch of new groups, a particular event related to the project or your organization.

General tchat

A chat discussion linked to the General group is automatically created with the platform and accessible from the Chats tab on the left sidebar. You can exchange with your coworkers on punctual subjects as opposed to the posts in groups which will be used for official announcements.

Successfully launch the General Group

The General group is important in the deployment of the project. It is important to ensure the quality of the exchanges that take place in the group.

The more your group offers a secure framework, the easier it is for members to participate. Group moderation is particularly important here. If the conditions of participation in the group aren't clear enough, members won't participate.

Before inviting all the members of your project, we recommend that you publish a welcome message. Ideally, get the project sponsor involved to immediately give legitimacy to the process and set the general framework.

Writing a welcome message

Some ideas for building your message:

  • Welcome,

  • Recall the general context of the project: why are you launching this project, this platform?

  • What personal benefits will the members get from using the platform?

  • What collective benefits will this platform eventually have?

  • What are the main groups that are open to everyone? This will encourage them to discover the groups?

  • What are the next steps of the project?

Pin this post to the top of the group to give it visibility or mark this post as important.

Animate the General group

This is the group where all your users are gathered: publish in this group all the messages of interest or importance for your whole organization.

Some examples of content:

  • Arrival of new employees,

  • Announcement of major customer wins or successes,

  • Major news related to your products or services,

  • Announcement of your leader (possibly through a live video),

  • Creation of a new group on the platform you wish to promote.

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