Define important posts
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Only administrators can define important posts.

An important post is at the top of the newsfeed of each user who can see it, as long as they have not seen it.

Once the post has been seen, it goes back to its "normal" position in the newsfeed of the user. But it keeps an icon highlighting its importance.

Thus, an important post can be used to be sure an information is seen by a maximum of users.

⚠️ If a publication has already been read by some users and is marked as important after the fact. This will only move up for users who have not read it.

If you want an old publication to come up first for all users involved, you can republish it and mark it as important or pin it to the top of the group.

Setting a post as important

An administrator can set a post as important by clicking the menu of post actions.

To set a post as important, the administrator must :

  • define a period

  • choose an icon to highlight the post

Following the reach of an important post

Once the post has been defined as important, the post action becomes "Manage important post". When clicking this action, a popup will show the stats of views of the post.

The administrator can also extend the period or stop the campaign.

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