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Hello and welcome to our Talkspirit Help Center 📚 ⭐.

In this article, we'll bring together all the contents that can help you use and deploy your platform on a daily basis.

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You'll find our advice and best practices under different formats (guides, practical sheets, articles ...) to ensure the success of your platform at this address!

We distinguish 3 main use of the platform:

  1. You can use the platform to communicate internally

    Your platform takes the form of a corporate social network. The users of your platform will connect to the tool from time to time to get information and news about your organization.

  2. You can use the platform to collaborate with your team on common projects

    Your platform takes the form of a collaborative platform. The users will connect every day on the tool to gather exchanges and files to work on their projects.

  3. You can use the platform to animate a community of members

    Your platform serves the purpose of connecting users from the same organization (in the context of internal communities) or not (in the context of external communities).

    The tool allows you to connect members of this community by creating exchanges and collaboration.

Visit our Help Center

We offer you many resources to help you understand the different functionalities of the platform.

You can access the Help Center from your platform, Help & more section or at this address.

You will find there detailed instructions for all of our functionalities as well as best practice sheets to help you set up and deploy your platform.

The Statuspage

To be informed in real time of any incidents that occur on the platform, you can consult the statuspage.

Get in touch with the support team

You can also contact us from your platform, from the Help & More section under Live chat help or Submit your ideas.

Read our latest news from the blog

You'll find on our blog, our latest news (the latest features) but also feedback from our customers as well as exclusive interviews.

You can find our blog at this address.

Identify your problems thanks to customer cases

Find out more about our customers business issues, their deployment methods, use cases and preferred features.

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Download practical or content sheets on topics of your choice.

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