You’re new on Talkspirit? Welcome! Talkspirit is a collaborative platform that helps you communicate and share information with your coworkers.

You’ll find in this guide, all the steps you need to follow to deploy your platform and we’ll share with you some keys to success.

This guide keeps evolving with the feedback of our users. You have a suggestion or a question? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Overview of the Administration

From the Administration, you’ll be able to access different settings of the platform. These settings are divided into thematic sections or tabs which are the following:

  • Manage platform tab

You’ll find in this tab the general functionalities that will allow you to set up your platform.

  • Users & Groups tab

You’ll find in this tab all the functionalities related to user accounts and groups.

  • Apps tab

You’ll find here Talkspirit applications. You can activate them or not depending on your objectives.

  • Third Party Apps tab

Thanks to this tab you’ll be able to integrate your favorite applications to the platform.

  • Subscription tab

In this section, you’ll find all the details of your subscription. You’ll be able to subscribe to more licenses, modify your billing information and your bank details.

Set up your platform before inviting users

Before inviting users to join the platform, we advise you to set up some essential information.

Customize the platform

Give a name to your platform

You can name your platform by going in the Administration, General tab. Select the Platform name field and fill in the information as required.

Select Save to save your changes.

The name of the platform and its url are two distinct elements. The url of your platform is the address that allows you to access the platform.

The url can be chosen during the creation of the platform and changed on request. If you wish to change the url of your platform, please contact the support.

The name of your platform is displayed in the notification emails received by the users, on the registration page but also when you’re on the platform. It can be the same or be different from your URL and can be changed at any time.

Tip: you can create a poll to let users choose between several names for the platform.

When you’ll receive an email notification, the name of your platform will appear to inform you which of your platforms is affected by this alert.

And customize it

Adapt the graphic theme of your platform, insert your logo and apply the colors of your graphic charter in the Customization tab of the Administration.

Tip: each user has the possibility to set its own customization. If you want all users platforms to respect the colors of your graphic charter, you can disable the option Allow users to set their own customization.

Welcome new users

You can create a personalized welcome message that will be displayed when a new user joins the platform, before the feature tour.

Each member user will see this welcome message displayed the first time they log in to the platform. It is possible to set this welcome message to be displayed to guest users as well.

Tip: write a short message highlighting the company's objectives in using talkspirit. You will then be able to communicate to users the keys to better understand the platform's features.

You can choose to attach different type of messages such as:

  • images,

  • gifs,

  • video messages,

  • documents.

You can preview this message before saving it by clicking on Preview. Users will have to read the message you set up and won’t be able to avoid it.

Choose how your future users will create their account

You can choose how the users will create their accounts by going to the Administration, Authorisations tab.

A user can join the platform in different ways:

Invite a user to join the platform

By email

You can easily invite your coworkers to join the platform, from the Administration. They will then receive a link by email that will allow them to create their account by fulfilling:

  • their Name and surname,

  • a password.

When the users will access the platform, you’ll be instantly notified.

To invite a user to join the platform, go to the Manage users tab, in the Administration. More information in this article.

With an identifier

To invite new users to join the platform without an email address, you need to enable this option from the Authorisations section of the Administration. More information in this article.

To invite a new user (with or without email), go to the Manage Users section of the Administration and select Invite.

From this view you can also choose to give the role of member or guest to this user. Regardless of the role this user has, you’ll be able to invite him/her with or without email. More information about user roles can be found here.

Tip: check the Sent Invitations tab in the Invite New Users section to identify users who have not yet activated their account on the platform and to reactivate them. Find more information on this topic in this article.

Allow a user to register without invitation

You can use this option if you prefer to let users register for themselves. In this case, we advise you to publish the url link of the platform so they can access it.

To allow users to register on the platform on their own, with or without an email address, go to the Authorisations tab of the Administration and Allow users to sign up without invitation.

You'll be able to choose whether to allow those users to register on the platform for themselves or not and limit the registrations to the email domains that you’ve set up.

You can allow multiple email domains. Simply separate them with a comma.

You can also allow members to invite new users from this section.

Invite users to register via an invitation link

We recommend using this option if your users have trouble receiving our email invitations.

To activate this invitation link, go to the Authorisations tab in the Administration.

You’ll then need to copy the link and communicate it to the users.

Be careful, if you deactivate the link, it will no longer be valid and the people who received this link won’t be able to register. If you reactivate the option, a new link will be created.

Set group authorisations

Talkspirit allows members to create groups and invite users. This way, members can activate the functions they need without being limited.

The group is a space to share information and collaborate on a main topic. There are 3 types of groups:

  • public groups,

  • visible private groups,

  • secret (or invisible) private groups.

More information about groups in this article.

Think about the creation of your groups

Before creating your groups, it is essential to think about their objectives.

Group members, if they do not find the group relevant to their position and goals, may abandon it. A group must be nourished with content and interaction to bring real value to its members.

To organize your groups, here are the most common types of groups:

  • the thematic group: it favors the sharing of information on a specific theme or topic,

  • the location group: for organizations deployed on several geographical sites,

  • the project group: to share all the information useful to a project. This group can include partners (or guests),

  • the functional group: to share content between users in the same business,

  • the group associated with a web service: for web services that are likely to publish a many posts (for example a twitter group), a dedicated group is often the best approach.

Define for which profiles the group has been created. Will new members have to join this group by default (a source group) and will guests on the platform be able to access it?

All you have to do now is create a group, associate a description (its purpose, objectives) and a level of confidentiality.

Set up default access to groups

You can create a "Default" group that members will automatically join the first time they log in.

These groups will be immediately visible when logging in the platform. Their contents will be visible on their news feed. The members of these groups can neither leave them nor unfollow them.

To set up a source group, go to the Administration on the left side menu bar and select General.

Tip: we recommand creating at least one source group before inviting users to join the platform. By publishing in this group you will reach all users. You’ll be able to publish general information for all employees of the organization in this group.

Create the first groups

To create a group go to the Administration, and select Manage Groups.

You’ll have access to all groups created on the platform regardless of their level of confidentiality.

Click on Create Group. Read more about how to create a group in this article.

Delegate group management

The user who creates the group automatically becomes its manager.

Choose group managers who will organize the group's rules: they will be in charge of animating the group and framing the exchanges.

To do so, go to the group settings and select Users. Select a member of the group and click on Make group administrator to change his role in the group.

Set up Talkspirit applications

In the Apps section of the Administration, set up Talkspirit tools. The users will be able to use those apps.

Activate OfficeNow to allow your coworkers to co-edit files on the drive.

Give them the possibility to work with their favorite applications on a daily basis by setting up a directory of applications that can be accessed quickly!

You can also activate the Homepage to create a page, similar to an intranet portal, dedicated to your teams!

Give them access to videoconferences and webinar tools.

You can also activate an FAQ bot which will provide answers to the users questions on the topics of your choice. You’ll be able to obtain statistics of the most frequently asked questions via this feature thanks to the Statistics tab.

You need help?

If you’re facing difficulties in using the tool:

Help Center

You can access this help center from the platform:

  • by selecting Help & More from the left side menu bar of your platform.

  • by selecting Help Center.

Online Support

You can't find the answer to your question or wish to report a malfunction or an improvement?

  • select Help & More in the left side menu bar of your platform,

  • Then click on Live chat help.

Email Support

The team can be contacted directly by e-mail at [email protected].

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