A group can be defined by 3 levels of confidentiality: public, private, secret. Depending on the level of confidentiality chosen when creating the group, the conditions of access aren't the same.

When creating a group, you must choose a level of confidentiality. However, you can change this level of confidentiality at any time, if needed.

To change the privacy level of the group, go to the group settings and select Information and Privacy.

Then simply change the privacy level of the group and click Save.

Consequences of changing the group privacy level

Changing a public group to a private or secret group will limit the access to the group to members of the group only.

If a user wants to join a private group, you'll have to allow access to the group to the user who requests it or invite him to join the group.

In the case of a secret group, you'll have to invite users who wish to join the group. It is not possible for a user to request access to a secret group.

When a private group turns into an open one, all users can access its content.

However, the user will have to join the group to be able to post in it.

Who is this article for?

This article is for all group administrators.

Who can turn a private group into an open group?

Only the administrator(s) of a group can change the privacy level of their group.

Can I change the privacy level of groups with the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

Only public groups are available with the Essentials offer. It is therefore not possible to change the privacy level of groups on the platform.

It is however possible to modify the confidentiality level of a group on the Standard and Premium plans.

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