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Creating a group
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Group creation is accessible to all members or to administrators only according to the rights defined by the administrator.

There are two ways to create a group:

  • From the Groups tab

  • From Administration (only for administrators)

Create a Group from the Groups directory

To create a group, go to the Groups directory of your organization then click on + Create a Group.

NB: If the button + create a Group does not appear, only the administrators of the platform have the possibility of creating Groups.

A pop-up window opens so that you complete:

  • The Title

  • The Description (its raison d'être, the objectives)

  • The Theme of the Group if an administrator has defined themes

On the next page, you will have to choose the purpose of your group:

  • Dissemination of information

  • Teamwork /

  • Thematic

and choose whether you want to activate a Chat room and/or a group project linked to this new group by checking the respective boxes.

Click on Create to finalize the creation of the group

. A new window will open to allow you to add users to the Group one by one.

It is also possible to link this group to a set of users and click Next.

The group is thus created and all defined members have joined it automatically.

Create a Group from the administration

The administrators of the platform also have the possibility of creating groups directly from the Administration, section Manage groups. Then click on + Create group.

Then follow the same steps as previously explained.


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