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Create your Talkspirit platform
Create your Talkspirit platform
This article is for anyone who wants to start a trial
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You want to create your Talkspirit platform: more information in this article.

Who is this article for?

This article is for future users of the platform.

Creating the platform

To create your platform:

You must then choose the name you want to give to your platform and its url.

Then fill in the required fields:

  • How many employees do you want to invite to the platform?

  • What are your organization's objectives in using Talkspirit?

You must then fill in the essential information to create your profile:

  • your first name,

  • your last name

  • a password,

  • your phone number.

Don't forget to accept the general conditions of use and then click on Next. You'll then receive a 6-digit code at the email address you provided.

Then, enter the code to validate the creation of your account.

Congrats, you've created your Talkspirit platform! Now it's time to set it up according to your preferences. Let us guide you.

NB: creating a platform means becoming its owner. You'll then have rights that other users do not have such as :

  • subscribing to a paying subscription,

  • the possibility to delete the platform.

However, you'll be able to transfer these rights to another user once connected.

All you have to do is customize your platform and set the invitation permissions for its members.


Invite users

You can invite users to the platform by selecting the Administration tab and then Manage users.

They will be able to join the platform as guests or members with an email address or an access code.

NB: You can invite as many users as you want during your trial on the platform, you're not limited.

Create a group

As an administrator you can create a group by going to the groups directory or to the Administration > Manage groups tab.

You'll also be able to define the rules for creating groups in the Permissions tab.

Publish your first post

Take advantage of this first post to welcome the users who join your platform.

Set up your notifications

There are several types of notifications that are displayed depending on whether you are on the platform or not.

You can enable, set or disable browser, mobile and email notifications by going to the Notifications section of the Profile and Preferences tab.

Group-related notifications can also be turned off via the news feed or from the group chat room.

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