Starting in video on Talkspirit
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Welcome on Talkspirit

You'll find in this article a few videos to help you discover the different functions.

🌟 What's Talkspirit?

How can Talkspirit meet your collaboration challenges?

🚀 Discover Talkspirit

In this video, you'll find an overview of the main features of the platform.

For more information, see our welcome article from this link.

💡 Publishing a first post

Posts allow you to share the information useful in the achievement of your daily tasks.

💡Creating a group

Groups are spaces that allow you to communicate on a subject or a project!

🤩 Inviting new users

Communicate with members of your organisation but also customers and partners.

🖥️ Downloading the Desktop app

Simplify your access to the platform by downloading the Desktop application!

💡 Starting a chat discussion

Discuss with your coworkers on specific subjects, in pairs or in groups!

🎥 Starting a videoconference

Communicate with your employees in real time during a presentation or an online meeting!

📱 Downloading the Mobile app

Work from everywhere with the mobile app!

📁 The drive

Discover how to create and organize files on your drives!

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