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Group statistics (BETA)

Analyze activity statistics for the group(s) you manage

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Track and analyze the statistics of the groups you manage!

As a group manager, you will be able to follow:

  • Your group's audience

  • The average number of connected members

  • Devices used to connect (computer or mobile)

  • The number of publications, likes and overall comments of your group,

  • special publications (image gallery, survey, checklist),

  • top contributors,

  • top designers,

  • the most liked publications.

  • Activity on other activated modules

Access group statistics

To access group statistics, select the settings icon in the group of your choice, then click on Show stats.

Data available

Several types of data are available to you to analyze the activity of your group. Find the available data below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

News feed

This data concerns the overall activity of your group's news feed. This brings together in the form of an annual graph:

  • The number of publications created (blue line),

  • The number of likes (purple line),

  • The number of comments (green line).

NB: The current month is dotted, because the data collected is not definitive.

Special publications

What is the most used special post type on your group?

The top authors

Directly find the top authors who have published the most publications on your group over the defined period.

The top displays the top 5 content creators in your group.

The top contributors

Find out directly who liked, commented and published content on your group the most over the defined period.

It displays the top 5 contributors in your group.

Top author and top contributor data allows you to detect ambassador members of your group.

Most liked posts

Find out which publications generated the most reactions thanks to likes over the defined period!

This statistic displays the top 5 most liked posts.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Analyze the impact of an internal communications campaign, an announcement or news.

Good to know

๐Ÿ•˜ All statistics except News Feed data can be temporalized:

  • Monthly,

  • Last 6 months,

  • Last 12 months,

  • All time (Since the beginning of the group).

Data from other modules activated on your group


Find how many messages were sent every month over a year in your group.


Find how many files were shared every month over a year in your group.


Find how many projects and tasks were sent every month over a year.

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