Inserting media into a Library page
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The Library module allows you to gather all the internal resources of your structure. Managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module to which it is possible to add media.

You can thus :

To display the list of all the contents that can be inserted on your page, type / .

Inserting tables

To illustrate or clarify certain points, it is possible to add tables to your pages.

To do this, type / and select Table from the drop-down list.

To learn more about managing tables, go to this article.

Inserting images

To illustrate your page, you can also add images.

To do this, type / and then choose Image in the drop-down list.

To learn more about managing images, go to this article.

Insert a link to a page in the Library

You can insert a link to another page of the Library module in your article. This way you can easily share summaries, for example.

To do this, type / and choose Link to a page from the drop-down list.

You can then choose which page you want to redirect to from the drop-down list that appears.

When you select a page, you make its title appear as a clickable hyperlink in the article.

Users will be able to click on the link to reach the linked page.

⚠️ Make sure that the audience of the linked pages is identical. This way, all users will have access to the linked pages and won't be blocked from browsing.

Tip: you can also use the # shortcut to add links to other pages.

Insert an attachment

You can share documents of your choice in the body of your article.

To do so, type / and choose Attachment from the drop-down list.

You can then choose to insert a document from :

  • your computer,

  • an external source,

  • Google Drive,

  • a code extract.

Users will need to click on the document to download it.

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