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Adding a table into a Library page
Adding a table into a Library page

Add, edit and delete item tables

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The module Library brings together all the internal resources of your structure. Managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module to which tables can be added.

You will be able to:

Add a table

To add a table, type / then choose Table from the drop-down list.

A default table of 2 columns by 2 rows appears.

Editing a table

  1. Adding a column or a row

You can add rows and columns by clicking on the + buttons of your choice.

If you want to add a column or row within the table, click on the cursor that follows your mouse in the table.

2. Deleting a column or a row

To delete an entire column or row, also click on the cursor associated with the column or row of your choice, then on Delete.

3. Add content to the table

Like editing the page, via the command /, you have the possibility of adding in a box of the table in addition to the text:

  • Emoticons (or with the command :)

  • A mention (or with the @)

  • A link to another page in the library (or with the #)

Deleting a table

To delete a table, it is necessary to delete all the rows and columns of it manually as explained previously.

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