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Creating pages and sub-pages in the Library
Creating pages and sub-pages in the Library

Organize shared information in the Library with pages and subpages

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The module Library brings together all the internal resources of your structure. Managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module.

Discover in this article how to:

Creating a page

You can create a page which will be made up of several sub-pages. This is a main page.

The main pages can illustrate a major theme which will be broken down into geographical locations, services, etc. in the sub-pages.

To create a page, select New.

The new page is created automatically and is positioned in first position among the list of your resources.

NB: you can rearrange the order of your pages. Find out more in This article.

Creating a sub-page

To create a sub-page, it is necessary to have first created a page. This sub-page will be linked to a main page.

To associate a sub-page with a page, click on the + associated with the main page of your choice.

A new sub-page is created and positioned under its main page.

💡 There is no limit to the number of pages and sub-pages created.

NB: newly created pages and sub-pages are available to library managers only, under draft status. It is necessary for a manager to publish the page so that it is visible to the entire audience of the article.

Naming a page

First, associate a title with your pages.

Adding a title

To add a title, all you have to do is insert some text in the Untitled field of the page. You can then save your changes as a draft by selecting Exit edit mode or publish the changes by choosing Publish.

Editing title

You can edit the title of your article at any time. To do this, select Edit and then edit the title. You can then save the changes by selecting Exit edit mode, or publish them and make them visible to everyone by publishing them.

NB: by selecting Exit edit mode, you save the modifications but do not display them for the users. It will be necessary to publish them to make them available.

Find all the articles displaying unpublished modifications from the home page of the module.

Associating a cover image to the page

Dress up your pages with a cover image.

Adding a cover image

To add a cover image, simply go to the relevant page, then choose Add cover image.

You can then select an image from your computer. Edit the changes then publish your article to make the cover image visible!

NB: it is necessary to be in edit mode to add this cover image.

Editing and deleting the cover picture

You can then change the cover image by selecting the dedicated option or delete this image by choosing the trash can icon.

NB: it is necessary to be in edit mode to modify this cover image.

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