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Track resources to edit and highlight important information
Track resources to edit and highlight important information

This article is for Library's Managers

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The Library brings together all the internal resources of your structure. Managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module. Once the articles have been written, it is possible to:

Track articles to be updated

Library managers can track the different resources to be updated from the module's home page.

It is possible to filter according to the status of an article:

  • all pages: the manager will find all the shared contributions, whether they are published or in draft.

  • published: the manager will find all the contributions published and therefore visible to users.

  • unpublished: the manager will find all the contributions in draft form and therefore invisible to users.

  • unpublished modifications: the manager will find all the published articles to which modifications have been made but have not been published. It will then be possible to validate this new information before making it available to users.

Pin important pages

To highlight important pages and make them faster to access, managers can pin up to 6 pages of their choice on the home page.

To do this, click on the + box on the Library's home page.

A window opens to allow you to add or remove the main pages and/or sub-pages of your choice.

NB: If a user is not part of the audience of a pinned page, the latter will not appear on their home page.

Reorganizing the order of the pages

To answer to your organization’s needs, it is possible to reorder the tree structure present on the left of the library.

To do this, click on the Reorder button then drag and drop using the cursors associated with each page.

To save the defined order, click Back. The change will be immediate for all users.

💡 It is possible to transform a sub-page into a main page and vice versa by moving it to the location of your choice.

⚠️ It is not possible to transform a linked main page with sub-pages under another main page. An error message will then appear.

Good to know

It is necessary to harmonize the changes of articles, order of appearance and pinned resources. To do this, it is essential that the managers agree.

To fine-tune changes, feel free to use the Projects module.

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