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Define an Audience and Publish a Library page
Define an Audience and Publish a Library page

Define the target audience for a library article and publish it

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The Library brings together all the internal resources of your structure. In order to bring the right content to the right users, managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module, to which it is possible to define an audience.


Defining a Page Audience

In order to provide the most relevant information possible to your users, you have the option of giving access to the pages you create to only certain users of the platform.

A window opens allowing you to choose your audience from:

  • All users (members + guest if authorized to access the module)

  • All members,

  • Selected members,

  • Selected groups.

Click Save to save your choice.

NB: It is only possible to add groups in which you are a member.

Publishing a page

Your page is finalized? Is the audience defined? You can now publish it! 🎉

By publishing your page, it automatically becomes accessible to the entire audience defined above.

To publish a page, click the Publish button.

The dot in the tree structure on the left will turn green to indicate that the page is published and visible to the chosen audience.

💡 You can highlight your published page by pinning it to the library homepage. Everything is explained in this article.

Putting a page in draft

If you want to put your page in draft and publish it later, click on the Exit edit mode button.

The dot in the tree structure remain gray and the page will only be visible to Library managers.

All contributed content is saved automatically. You can come back to your page to continue editing it or publish it later.

It is possible to quickly find the pages being modified from the library home page.

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