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Activate birthdays and work anniversaries
Activate birthdays and work anniversaries

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To sum up

It is possible to display users' birthdays and/or work anniversaries on the platform.

In order for platform users to display their coworkers' birthdays in their agenda, an administrator must have enabled the option from the Administration.

NB: when the administrator has enabled the feature, the user can choose to display or not the Birthdays from his agenda.

How to enable the display of birthdays and/or work anniversaries.

An administrator can allow platform users to display:

  • users' birthdays,

  • users' work anniversaries,

  • users' birthdays and work anniversaries.

1. Enable the display of birthdays

To allow users to display the birthdays of their coworkers, go to the Administration, Events section and enable the Birthdays button.

2. Enable the display of work anniversaries

To allow users to display the work birthdays of their coworkers in their agenda, activate the option from the Administration, Events section.

NB: you can allow both information to be displayed by activating both options.

Once activated, users will be able to display the birthdays and work anniversaries of the platform's users on their calendar, if they wish.

It is necessary that the user has entered their birthday in order for it to be displayed from the Events section. However, if you're an administrator, you can fill in this information from the Administration.

Setting users' birthdays from the Administration

You can fill in the users' birthdays from the Administration, Manage users section.

Thus, for each user, you can click on Edit Information to fill in their birthdays and work anniversaries.

Can birthdays and work anniversaries be activated on the Standard and Premium Plans?

It is possible to activate birthdays and work anniversaries on both plans.

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