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Thanks to drive notifications, you can follow the activities of the group drives of your choice.

You can:

  • activate,

  • customize,

  • disable the receipt of notifications for each group drive for a finer selection of the information you want to display.

Enabling Drive notifications for all Groups drives by default

It is possible to activate Drives notifications for all groups at the same time.

To receive Drive notifications related to all your Group drives, you need to enable them. To do this, go to Profile & Preferences → Notifications tab and enable Drive notifications.

You can then set your notification preferences for each of your group drives.

NB: If you don’t want activate the notifications on all your group drives, it is possible to activate the Drives notifications individually for the group drives of your choice.

Enabling and setting up notifications on group drives of your choice

It is possible to activate the Drives notifications individually for the group Drives of your choice.

To set up your notifications, go to the Group Drive you want to set up, then click on the red bell next to the Drive name.

You can choose to enable or disable notifications for this Group Drive.

Once notifications are enabled on the Group Drive, you will be able to manage the type of activities you want to be notified about.

To do this, click on the associated check marks in the Notification Types section and save your preferences.

You can choose to be notified when a file is:

  • loaded or created

  • updated

  • moved to the group

  • restored from the trash

And also when a new folder is created.

NB: by default, all types of notifications are enabled.

It is necessary to do these customization actions on each group drive. Customizing one group drive does not change your preferences on other group drives.

Finding Drive notifications

When a new activity is detected on one of your Drives, a red dot appears on the Drive icon in the navigation bar.

To find Drive activity and notifications, click on the bell icon at the top right of the Drive section.

You will find:

  • date and time of the activity,

  • name of the document,

  • name of the Drive,

  • user linked to the activity,

  • nature of the activity.

NB: by clicking on a notification, you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding Drive.

Good to Know

Drive notifications do not generate Push notifications on Browser and the desktop application.

A push notification is an alert message sent by your browser or directly by the Talkspirit desktop application.

Who can enable Drive notifications?

All users of the platform can enable Drive notifications.

Is it possible to enable Drive notifications on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to enable Drive notification on the both plans Standard and Premium.

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