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Create, modify, delete a home portal on the home page
Create, modify, delete a home portal on the home page

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It will soon be possible to create multiple home portals on the home page.

To do so, it is necessary that a platform administrator has designated a homepage manager who will be able to create, edit and delete portals on the homepage.

To create a new portal

All homepage managers, whether they are members or administrators of the platform, can go to the Homepage section of the Administration.

NB: Guest users cannot be designated as homepage managers and will therefore not have access to this view.

From this view, managers will be able to Add a portal.

You will then have to:

Name the page

Enter a title for this new portal. This will appear on the tab of the page concerned.

Choose to share the portal in draft or to publish it.

If the homepage manager chooses to publish the portal then:

  • all content published on this portal will be visible to users

  • the contents shared in draft on this portal will not be visible to users.

Find more information about managing homepage contributions in this article: Managing and publishing the homepage.

If the homepage manager chooses to set the portal to draft then the portal will not be visible to users.

We recommend that you set the homepage to draft if you are working on this page and want to open the portal to users once it is finalized.

Manage the contents of the created portal

Once the portal has been created, the homepage managers can go directly to this portal from the administration by selecting the Edit content button related to the concerned portal.

Once on the portal, they will be able to create and edit the contents of the page.

To quickly return to the administration of the portal from the homepage, the manager will simply have to select Administer at the top right of the page.

Editing an existing homepage portal

Homepage managers also have the possibility to modify the information related to an existing portal. To do so, they simply need to click on the cogwheel icon corresponding to the portal concerned.

The homepage manager will then be able to modify:

  • the title of the page,

  • the status of the page (published or draft).

Once the desired changes have been made, the homepage manager can validate them by selecting the Save button.

Delete a homepage

Homepage managers can delete a portal from the home page. To do so, they will have to click on the cogwheel icon linked to the portal.

All he has to do is select Delete. A pop up window will open to confirm the deletion. The manager must confirm the action by selecting Delete again.

Who can create, edit or delete a homepage?

All members of the platform can create or edit a homepage if an administrator of the platform has designated them as homepage managers.

Can I create, edit or delete a home portal on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to create or edit a welcome portal on both plans.

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