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All members of the platform have an individual videoconference link.

NB: guests users won't be able to use a public videoconference link.

This videoconference link allows you to exchange with:

  • Talkspirit users,

  • people who don't have an account on the platform.

This link can be found from:

  • the Profile and preferences menu,

  • the user's profile.

Find your videoconference link

  1. From the Profile and Preferences menu

    You can find your public videoconference link by selecting the Profile and Preferences menu, Public Videoconference Link section.

  2. From your profile

You can also find your public videoconference link by selecting your profile and scrolling down to the last section. Then simply click on the link to open the video conference.

You can then copy the url of the videoconference to share it with its participants.

Launch a meeting with the videoconference link

To start the public videoconference

  • go to the Profile and Preferences menu,

  • select Public Videoconference Link,

  • click Copy to copy the videoconference link and share it with participants,

  • you can then start the videoconference by selecting Start videoconference.

Let participants in

When people have an account on the platform, it is not necessary to accept them into the meeting: they automatically connect to the room.

However, when a person external to the platform tries to join the videoconference, a pop-up window appears allowing you to refuse the user's participation in the meeting or to accept him.

When you are connected to the videoconference, the window appears on the meeting room.

If you are on your platform and a user wants to join your public videoconference link, then the pop up appears on the platform.

In case of refusal, the participant won't be able to join the videoconference. A message of refusal will then be shared with him/her.

If you accept the user's request, the participant will be able to join the video conversation.

NB: just because you have accepted an external person to the platform once, it does not mean that this person will automatically be able to join the videoconference the next time. Similarly, if you refuse a participant access to the platform, he/she will not be automatically refused access to future meetings.

Your rights on a videoconference linked to your public link

When you have an account on the platform from which the public videoconference link was shared, then you have moderation rights on the room.

It is then possible to:

  • turn off the microphone or the camera for everyone,

  • to set up the videoconference room.

Users who don't have an account on the platform and therefore access the meeting as guests will not have moderation rights. However, they will be able to access the statistics of the participants' contributions to the meeting.

Who can use the public videoconference link?

All platform members can use their public videoconference link.

Can the video conference link be used on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to initiate a videoconference from the public videoconference link with both plans. The Standard plan limits this videoconference to 12 participants.

Good to know or tips

You can share your public videoconference link in your calendar meetings. The link will give you the possibility to exchange with all types of interlocutors.

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